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LeEco Le 2 Vs Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 : Difference as it is.

The Mobile phone industry is transforming rapidly; you will always find a good handset that you can think to buy at the time of its launch. While there are people who replace their phones in just couple of months, there are people who like to lead and get the latest phone in the market by doing good amount of research so that they don’t have to replace or change the mobile phone frequently. 

If we go towards the Chinese brands in India, they have a good market and so they always look to announce about their smartphones in their home country. Before even its launch in India, the people or you can smartphone lovers looking forward to buy that mobile just after reading the first impression or the review of that device.

Today, we are comparing about the latest smartphones, which is in the queue to be launched in India with the handset that is already launched. The phones that we are comparing here are LeEco 2 and Redmi Note 3. We have already seen many manufacturers from china and other parts of the world selling their phones at much cheap rates but when it comes to price you will have to compromise a bit with the configuration part. To get some discount of purchase of these you can try Aliexpress India promo code.


People today wants the phone to look classy and if you are looking for one then Le 2 from LeEco is the one, the curves and edges of the phone will make you fall in love with it. While comparing the phone to the Redmi Note 3, it looks quite sturdy and it also offers good build quality. LeEco 2 is quite slimmer when compared with Redimi Note 3 thanks to LeEco 2 which doesn’t have any headset jack.


Both have 1080p display with 5.5 inches of screen size. The LeEco 2 comes with an awesome feature of blue eye filtering technology and this technology claims to reduce visual fatigue effectively. Blue ray that are coming from the screen cause eye fatigue. We have also compared Redmi Note 3. This phone also has some unique features such a sunlight display that offers better brightness management as per the environment condition. So here it’s tough to say which the best is.


When it comes to performance part both the headsets use processors from different manufacturers. LeEco 2 have Helios X20 processor which is considered as the more powerful when compared to snapdragon 650 processor. We have already seen that Qualcomm snapdragon processor is used in the Redmi Note 3 but since

LeEco have more powerful processor, the winner here is LeEco 2. Redmi have two variants and this is categorized by the RAM. One variant have 2 GB of RAM and the other one have 3GB of RAM. There is also a difference in storage capacity of 16GB and 32GB. But when it comes to LeEco 2 you will get a standard 3GB RAM with 32GB of storage. There are many paytm offers that you can try in order to redeem your discount.


LeEco 2 is packed with 16-megapixel resolution camera at the back, which has the ability of Color temperature flash. The company installed a closer look motor and Phase Detection Autofocus Technology for the rear camera and so the company claims a focusing time of just 0.09 seconds. With 5P lens the camera should offer a quality somewhere similar to other 16 MP cameras.

Now let’s come to redmi note 3, it also has a 16MP camera at the back with PDAF Technology and it also has the same aperture of f/2.0. Though, there is a huge difference in front camera that is used on both of these phones. LeEco 2 is installed with an 8MP camera. In comparison, LeEco 2 is the winner as it has better quality pictures.


LeEco 2 has 3000 mAh battery, but there is a giant out there with 4050 mAh battery named as Redmi Note 3. While LeEco 2 can easily last upto 1 day, Xiaomi 4050 mAh battery can last upto 60 hrs.


LeEco Le 2 is priced at $219  Xiaomi Note 3 3GB variant is priced at $198.

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