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Duolingo : App Specially Designed For Learning New Languages

Want to learn a language, merely at free of cost ? 

Then comeon, 

You have Duolingo!!!!

Duolingo is a free App specially designed for languages. 

If you guys are passionate about learning a language. Spent lot of bucks but finding it difficult to pick up or bored with the same repetitive Apps showing same words or phrases. 

Then here is a meaningful app very precisely designed for learning languages atmost easily at free of cost. Already people have started using it, see it crossed 50,000,000 + downloads. But its size and android version requirement varies depending on the device

It can be downloaded as an app in ios or in android or in windows - you can even use it online through the login.

This is how the Webpage looks like and these are the varied languages offered by duolingo with number of learners for specific language.

It is one of the best software because all the language learning software will provide you with specific set of words or list of sentences that you could practice. But Duolingo does it differently, it provides us with variety of features

1. Flexibility to learn : pick a daily goal – which asks you about how much time you are going to spend to learn today. You can change this daily

2. Huge collection : It offers 11 completed language courses for English speakers, 2 beta languages, and 8 languages still “hatching” in their incubator form. It also has languages for Non English speakers like the app is designed to work in Portuguese language, Czech language etc.. These users can learn other language through their native language.

3. You choose the language, You choose your daily goal / weekly goal. For which it provides further more flexibility by starting from very basics or you can start from where you lag by taking up the placement test.

4. Duolingo has a beautiful interface. This app dictates every word to make us familiar with the pronunciation of the word or the phrase. It has a turtle icon which has a creepy slow voice to make us understand very easily.

5. Almost Everything in Duolingo is Visual. Just reading a word doesn’t get into our mind so easily, it takes time, a lot of time. But when you see the visual of the word it goes easily into your mind. For example

. You can review your lessons any number of times but the lesson moves to next only after you complete it to make sure that you learn the basics and move through.


If you think Learning through Duolingo will master you in a specific language, then you are wrong. You must also develop the habit to read, talk to a friend and do a lot more to become fluent.

  • Tracks your daily progress and lessons through virtual trainer DUO
  • Reminds you of your lessons
  • Motivates you to set goals to accomplish
  • Helps strengthen the weakest words then and there
  • Helps you to use the words in sentences
  • It penalises for even a small spelling mistake or small change in pronunciation
  • It shows some unusual sentences that are not normally used in daily life
  • It just asks you to read, it doesn’t provide room to retrieve anything from your memory.
Duolingo acts just like a tool in your learning process and it helps in initiating your learning process. So “Don’t Rely on Duolingo alone”. It is a wonderful app and to get the fullest advantage speak fluently with the help of Duolingo.

If you have started using Duolingo or find this post useful, then share your experience by posting comments.

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