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For the past 6 months we all have heard the name DONALD TRUMP at least a few times , whether it be through our friends in the news or on our facebook wall this name is everywhere but sometimes its hard to understand who exactly is this man and what significance he holds.  this article will help you answer these questions.

So the first question is who is Donald trump …..well he is a American business magnate who is running  for the post of the president of the united states on a republican  party ticket . the American democracy has always been a bi party democracy and so his opponent in the general election will be Hillary Clinton of the democratic party who happens to be the wife of former president of the united states Bill Clinton.

Now the reason that Donald trump has been in the news so much is due to a couple of reasons .First of all he is NOT a politician, he has never held any public office and has never contested any election whatsoever. In his own words he is not a well seasoned politician and in the past has expressed his distrust and dislike of the political class. And that has been part of his charm as the people are so fed up of the political class that they now believe that only  Washington outsider can fix their broken system.

Second and the most important reason he is in the news so much is his views. Long story short his views come across as racist,sexist,homophobic and xenophobic. From the day he announced he was running for president he has been one of the most polarizing public figure in the world . He says that Mexicans that cross the border to come into the country are rapists and drug dealers and he plans to build a wall around America and the cost of the wall will be borne by Mexico, a idea many have called ridiculous and absurd. He has called women he doesn’t like pigs, dogs and many unflattering things and he believes that the LGBTQ community do not deserve the rights the same rights as everyone else.he says that global warming isn’t real and it’s a hoax invented by the Chinese.   His views are so disparaging that the UK parliament has passed a resolution which bans Donald’s entry into their country.

Now the question arises why is he being liked so much in his country. The simple answer is that he is a former reality tv star and he knows what people respond to. He throws all kinds of gimmicks and tantrums that excite and awe his potential voters. He calls his opponents names like “crooked Hillary” or “lying ted” ,he  encourages his supporters to punch people who do not like him. Perhaps the  most awe inspiring moment was when he went  in front 300 million Americans and referring to his penis size said that there is “no problem down there” when someone implied that because his hands are small  something else must be small. The Donald has been caught many a times with his foot in his mouth .

It’s a long road to the general election in November of this year but rest assured the world will continue to be horrified and amused by his views.

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