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'Sticky Car': Google's Patent To Reduce Crash Injuries

Google has patented a sticky coating, which is to be used for cars that could reduce damage done to pedestrians in the event of a collision. This is a special coating which has sticking properties in it. People whose accident occur will struck by the vehicle would become glued to its bonnet, rather than being thrown off and further injured.                                                       
This is a major patent for mankind it will save life of millions of people who dies every year in road accident.

"It does have some merit to it, When pedestrian accidents happen, often the person is thrown up onto the bonnet and there may be injuries from that contact, but sometimes there are not. But when a driver brakes in a collision, a totally natural reaction, the pedestrian is thrown onto the ground and you can get injuries from that contact." said Andrew Morris, Professor of Human Factors in Transport Safety at Loughborough University.
According to Google's patent the adhesive layer would be hidden under a protective coating, to ensure it did not gather debris during journeys.
"Upon the initial impact between the colliding object and the vehicle, the coating is broken, exposing the adhesive layer," the patent document said.
Kevin Clinton, head of road safety at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, said: "As well as developing new technology that prevents pedestrians from being hit in the first place, it's also crucial to develop ways of reducing the severity of injuries suffered if a pedestrian is knocked over. This idea is a fascinating example of just how far vehicle technology is changing," he told.

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