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Allo: New Messaging App from Google

Google today at I/O conference announced a new Messaging Allo, Allo is a smart messaging app that makes your conversations easier and more expressive. It’s based on your phone number, so you can get in touch with anyone in your phonebook, very similar to WhatsApp but with deeply integrated machine learning, It has smart features to keep your conversations flowing and help you get things done.

Google Allo on Playstore
The company still has an entirely separate platform, Hangouts, which is built in to Android phones, as well as a number of lesser-used predecessors including Gchat and the now-defunct Wave. But Allo also represents a fresh start for Google, allowing the company to offer end-to-end encryption for the first time. That decision will throw it headfirst into conflict with the FBI, standing alongside Apple and Facebook against the US government’s desire to read the text messages of criminal suspects.


It’s still less secure than iMessage or WhatsApp, however, requiring users to actively opt-in to end-to-end encryption through an “incognito mode”. But security isn’t the main selling point of Allo. Instead, that’s the built-in chatbots, including Google Assistant itself: Allo users will be able to use Assistant to find extra information or send auto-generated replies. Impressively, it can even parse images, leading to the (perhaps overly specific) suggestion of “Nice Bernese mountain dog” as one such reply. 

Allo also features the Google assistant, bringing the richness of Google directly into your chats—helping you find information, get things done, and have fun. You can chat one-on-one with the assistant, or call on Google in a group chat with friends. Either way, you no longer have to jump between apps to do things like book a dinner reservation with friends, get up-to-date sports scores, settle a bet, or play a game. The assistant in Allo lets you bring things like Search, Maps, YouTube and Translate to all your conversations, so that you and your friends can use Google together.

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