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5 Biggest Smartphone Makers In 2016

The smartphone industry till  few years ago was dominated by Nokia, LG and Sony. But with the arrival of Google's android whole scene has changed. Now, Samsung and Apple emerged as the strongest players in the smartphone segment.

However, while Apple and Samsung still rule the industry there are other key players too, having the potential to upset the party for the two tech giants anytime.

Here are the 5 biggest smartphone brands of the world, as per a research by Gartner. Note: The ranking is based on the global sales of smartphones in the first quarter of 2016.


Samsung is a South Korean smartphone manufacturing company. Samsung also produce other household products like AC, Washing Machine, Refrigerator etc. Samsung rules the market in first quarter of 2016 with 81,186,900 units sold. The company held 23.2% market share, marginally down from 24.1% it held during the same quarter last year.

The company extended its lead over Apple during the first quarter. According to Gartner's research director Anshul Gupta, "Samsung's Galaxy S7 series phones and renewed portfolio positioned it as a strong competitor in the smartphone market, and more so in the emerging markets where it has been facing fierce competition from local manufacturers."

Although Apple managed to retain its second position in the smartphone market, still company has suffered loss in double-digit. Apple has double digit decline year on year, with iPhone sales down by 14%.

Apple is still planing to recover this loss by exploring ways to refarm second-hand iPhones coming through the program in emerging markets.


At no. 3 position is Chinese smartphone maker Huawei. Huawei major markets cover China, Europe, the Americas and Africa.

In first quarter of year 2016 company has sold 28,861,000 units to stand at 3rd position. according t Huawei’s market share during the quarter stood at 8.3%.


Oppo had the best performance in the first quarter of 2016, with unit sales growing by 145%. Like Huawei and Xiaomi, Oppo saw strong growth in China, taking share from other players like Lenovo, Samsung and Yulong.

The company’s smartphone sales in the emerging Asia-Pacific region rose by 199%, with 16,112,600 units sold during the quarter.


At no. 5 is Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi. Just like Huawei and Oppo, Xiaomi too witnessed strong growth in China. The company also experienced good demand for its smartphones in the emerging Asia-Pacific region.

The company's total smartphone unit sales during the quarter stood at 15,048,000 units. Its global market share during the year stood at 4.3%.

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