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4 Big Changes In Facebook Including Option To Make Video As Profile Pic

To give decade old social networking site 'Facebook' a new look, so that its user do not get bor of it, Facebook is introducing four big changes to user profiles. These changes are expected to make Facebook more visually stimulating and addicting.  
Let’s get to know about each new feature individually:

1. Profile Videos
Facebook has already rolled out this feature, according to this users will be able to make 7 seconds long video as their profile pic. This feature was rolled out for iOS users earlier now this is also available for android version 77.0.0 
We can simply tap the record button and can shoot 7 seconds long video with sound. The looping video will auto-play without sound (unless clicked) on your profile. We can also set thumbnail of video as our profile pic. Facebook for iOS also lets you mute the sound of profile videos, the option for which you'll find when trimming your video. With Android, you are stuck with sound for profile videos.

2. Featured Photos
The next biggest feature is now we will be able select five Featured Photos. These photos will appear at the top of our profile. This is designed so that before sending friend request users will be able get a better clue to your identity. They’re not your main profile pic, but they’ll be used to judge you.
3. Temporary Profile Pics
This feature let you select a profile pic, but have yours revert to your old pic after a set number of hours, days, or weeks. It’s useful for promoting a cause, like the 26 million people who set their profile pic rainbow in support of the right to gay marriage.

4. Visibility Controls And Bio
 Now we will be able to able to describe ourself in words with a new 100-character Bio field. This feature is added so that based on bio people can decide if they want to be your friend or not. This feature will appear at the top of our profile.

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