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Xiaomi MI5 : Layman Review

Xiaomi MI 5
Guess what people ? Xiaomi MI 5 the latest and most awaited phone of Xiaomi has just launched for RS 24999. I’ll be briefing you about the new beast. It is the new successor of MI 4 and look similar to Samsung Galaxy S7. The hardware on MI5 surpasses the LG G5. 

MI5 out performs all of its competitors. We will have a quick look on the specs of Xiaomi MI5 

Xiaomi MI 5 : Antutu Benchmark Score comparison

Built and design 

Mi5 and Galaxy S7 looks the same not exactly same but yeah! Same. Both screen and the back of the phone is scratch resistant upto an extent. The outer edge at the front is sharp and feels cuty in hand but the almost frame-less display looks good. 

Xiaomi MI 5 : Design

Xiaomi MI 5 : Design

Xiaomi MI 5 : Design

Xiaomi MI 5 : Design


Mi5’s display is quite promising and convincing the resolution is absolutely perfect for the day and night usage you will not be facing problems while in the sun or while you are indoor. The colors are rich and deep and the pictures and videos look realistic. 

Xiaomi MI 5 : Display

The display is 5.15inch full HD LCD unit. The maximum brightness can be increased up to 600 CD/m2. You have a perfect control over the brightness of the smartphone. This beast runs on the Qualcomm’s latest snapdragon 820 chipset and its hexgon subunit. Display offers great  color and sharp details.   


Primary camera is 16 MegaPixel and secondary camera is 4 UltraPixel .The camera doesn’t have a previously rumored aperture of f/1.6, but rather an ordinary f/2.0. optical image stabilizer works using four axles; two rotational and two transversal. 

Xiaomi MI 5 : Sample Shot

These compensate for displacements to the smartphone housing. What that means is when your hands move, or the subject of your photo, you shouldn’t end up with blurry photos. In practice, the stabilizer proves to be an extraordinary selling point, ensuring exceptionally good video, making the Mi 5 one of the best multimedia smartphones that you can currently buy. 


Mi5 has 3000MAH of battery which is powerfull enough to get you through your day by charging it once . the battery perk of this phone is it charges pretty fast. If you charge MI 5 for 1 hour only it will be enough for the day. 

Xiaomi MI 5 : Battery Rating By Phone Arena

Fingerprint scanner & buttons

This is Xiaomi's first device with a front fingerprint scanner and they've done a great job — it's the fastest we've seen yet. To unlock it, you need to click the home button. If the screen is on, just place an enrolled finger to unlock. 

MI 5 : Fingerprint Scanner and Buttons
The home button is flanked by two capacitive buttons without any markings — the software lets you assign back and recent functions to whatever side you're comfortable with. And since the home button is  .. 

Over Verdict
Xiaomi MI 5 is similar to Samsung Galaxy S7 in all aspect, that to with half of price, it redefines concept of Flagship model. If you can get your hands on this device at 24K that We suppose it will be great steal. MI 5  have a decent screen, amazing design, good performance, fast fingerprint scanner,decent camera with 4-axis optical image stabilisation and a great battery Life. We recommend this device to everyone who want to spend 20-25K INR on smartphones. Only Drawback that we feel this device have is , we can't expand its Memory.

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