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Want to check out HELL, Here's the address

Yes, you read it right, hell do also have address. Hell's address is: 55 Cancri-e. And it’s no tropical paradise. For some scientists 55 Cancri-e is “strange planet.” Some felt it may be made of diamond. Others suggested it was covered in exotic fluids.

So to clear the confusion an international team of astronomers headed up by the University of Cambridge examined data captured by NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope about this 40 light-year-distant “super-Earth.”

What they found is a world of extremes:
  • The planet is tidal-locked, meaning one face is permanently pointing toward the star.
  • This face is a sea of molten lava, with a surface temperature of 2,400 degrees C (4,352F).
  • The “dark side” is barely better.
  • It’s solid — but simmering at 1,100 C (2,012 F). 
  • All this is strange for scientists. It shouldn’t be that hot, astronomers say, even though it does sit relatively close to its star.
  • The astronomers suggest this may be fast-flowing lava, behaving in a way very similar to water due to its extreme temperature
“This shift either indicates some degree of heat recirculation confined to the day side, or points to surface features with extremely high temperatures, such as lava flows,” a statement reads. The data suggests planet is a lava world where the lava becomes hardened on the dark side of the planet and remains molten on another.

“The day side could possibly have rivers of lava and big pools of extremely hot magma, but we think the night side would have solidified lava flows like those found in Hawaii,” said Michael Gillon of the University of Liège in Belgium. 55 Cancri-e is one of only a few rocky worlds close enough for detailed observation.

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