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Sygic Maps : An Alternative to Data Dependent Navigators

GPS, one of the major technological advancement in today’s world, that allows us to be out in the streets without knowing anything about the area.

Sygic Maps : Navigation App

Google Maps & Apple Maps mostly rely on internet all the time, this cause more data usage, and also drain the battery. What to do when you are out to other cities or other countries or what if you are an avid traveller and your data is completely drained ? Then there comes the need for offline maps.

There are few Apps is in to store that provide offline GPS navigation. But SYGIC Navigation App provides a wonderful solution. Sygic works with Android, iOS and windows OS.

Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps is GPS navigation app for Android with 3D offline maps from TomTom, accurate door-to-door voice guided navigation and free map updates. Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps offers high-end navigation experience with innovative features for your safety & comfort. Live traffic & police radar/speed camera warnings to find the fastest route and avoid traffic delays. 

Sygic Maps :  Different Platform

Parking place suggestions with info about availability and price. Tourist attractions & pedestrian navigation. Head-up Display (HUD) navigation projected onto car’s windshield… Whether you are travelling, commuting to work, or driving professionally Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps is your one map for everything.

Initially, we need to input the information piece by piece like, first the country, then the city, then street, then the house number. It does not take the whole address all at once, it asks to choose from the list or we can also enter the address manually. Then the search for the area takes some time. But the navigation provided is very accurate and helpful. Even the minute details in the area.

The features of Sygic is that it has vibrant colours which helps the driver to differentiate things easily. It also has a guided voice navigation which can be muted. Distance, time to travel to the location, speed of the vehicle etc. are all provided in the screen itself.

Sygic Maps :  User Interface

It comes with 2D and 3D views. We can select past addresses and Places of interest under the “Nearest POI” option which shows all the places in that vicinity which we are interested in.
Along with navigation there are lot more features in Sygic

  • We can also search using GPS coordinates by simply entering the coordinates of a place even randomly.
  • The Dashcam option will record the navigation as a video so that it can be viewed later if we repeatedly travel in that area.
  • The Hud option will just indicate the direction and distance for next turning point so that we don’t need to be in a hurry to look at the device for next turn also it has an added feature to invert the image to look in the mirror even which is added for safer driving at night which will be reflected in the windshield of your vehicle.
  • The SOS shows the nearby important places like hospitals, restaurants etc if necessary an emergency call can be made from the app itself
  • Travel Book has the history of your favourite and travelled places
  • Photo Navigation can be used to navigate by just uploading the photo of a specified place
  • Parking option help us to locate the nearest free parking area so that we don’t need to waste time in search of parking

It comes with provision to add warning area like tolls, sharp roads, unpaved paths, speed traps etc. th app have a Flashy icon that alerts users.

If the visual directions are not needed we can even get a Route overview.

All these features are available for us at free of cost only for 7 days , so that we can enjoy the full features. And after 7 days we need to pay an amount to get the premium features which comes at a price for lifetime validity of $37.49 for world map excluding traffic. For world map with traffic it costs  $49.99. 

Sygic Maps : Achievement

We can change the region according to our preference.

Sygic Maps comes with very good features which is worth paying. Just like a coin having two sides, this app also has its good and bad. But the good features have overtaken the limitations in this App and made it successful. After all I have used this app, I Believe that I love to get lost so that Sygic will surely guide me. This deserves a rating of 4/5. This has all the added features with added extra cost.
Visit our Youtube channel , we will soon post a Video Review of this navigation app. Do tell us what you think about Sygic maps, do you find Sygic maps are better than Google and Apple maps..

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