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Speed test comparison: Honor 5X VS Samsung J7 VS Lenovo P1

Honor 5X’s speed test result is better than Samsung J7 and Lenovo P1. That’s because Huawei has done a lot of antenna test for Honor 5X and Huawei is good at communication technology and antenna algorithm. In the same place same time with same card, Honor 5X’s network is better than other competitors, Honor 5X help you surf the internet faster and smoother.

HONOR 5X antenna – Excellent design from user’s perspective

Combo antenna --- leading core technology, excellent design

HONOR 5X adopts Combo antenna which is built with a collection of high-precision technologies such as coupling technology, pattern separation, PCB printing antenna process, precision devices and other core technologies.

The antenna is excellently designed focusing on the way customer’s use case, such as the way customer hold the phone. This design has been finalized after going through more than 100 times of antenna debugging and thousands times of test. At the same time, to ensure the level of consistency, we also adopt high-precision device and band-rejection filter tuning technology.

The HONOR 5X antenna, in a very small space, using coupling + mode separation technology to split tuning mode into two modes, GPS and WIFI / BT, resulting in performance increasing about 50%. Also, PCB printing antenna technology effectively increases the antenna’s performance when the phone on user's hand.

Application of band-rejection filter tuning technology and high-precision devices, stringent requirement of printing process and material of Structural Parts and size help to achieve the consistency increases efficiency by more than 80%.

Diversity Antenna --- Quality and Reliability improvement

IFA high-order mode technology is used to achieve ultra-wideband design effect. Besides our usual concern’s free-space performance, we also do CTIA header mode, head-hand mode and other test. After these test, Honor 5X’s diversity antenna achieved the stringent requirements of VDF, Tak, VHA and other overseas operators.

Primary antenna ---With core antenna technology, more stringent test standards are used to create more reliable quality.

Honor 5X’s primary antenna uses high-order mode + Tunner Loop band switching technology.
Accumulated testing of more than 1,500 hours has been completed. We do more than 500 kinds of test include free space, CTIA head mold, first hand, FCC standard SAR, commonly used live hand grip position and other test items, antenna performance test for drop, roller-type, and other reliability testing. With these test, we have ensured even after the TTF, DTF and other serious damage test, the Honor 5X’s antenna performance still meets the design requirements.

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