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Now You See Me 2 : Trailer Break Down " Geeky Version "

Now you see me 2, is all to hit theaters on July 4, and as second trailer of this most awaited movie surfaced, every tech freak around around world got goosebumps, Well I am personally die hard fan of Daniel Radcliffe, and dam god he looks great in this trailer. 

Lets start with breaking down trailer, Radcliffe looks like a tech prodigy, he is once again showing his devilish side as Walter Mabry, who will exploit the four horsemen. Radcliffe is already getting a lot of praises for his acting skills.

Trailer also gives a look at mind-boggling spectacles trumping of the first movie.

One can see a lot of stunts with a twist that instead of playing someone, the four horsemen are being played by Radcliffe's character. Morgan Freeman is returning as Thaddeus Bradley along with Mark Ruffalo as Dylan Rhodes and Michael Caine as Arthur Tressler.

"This is key to every computer system on planet, and I want you to steal it for me"

We have been there with Sherlock, remember.. Combination of Zeroes and ones that can break any code,
Bits like digits. Every bit is a one, every rest is a zero. Binary code.That’s why all those assassins tried to save my life. It was hidden on me, hidden inside my head. A few simple lines of computer code that can break into any system. :- Sherlock 
It is obvious that plot of story will be different from what we are expecting from watching trailer. 

Watch trailer here : 

For me, Now you see me 2 trailer is absolute hit, it keeps everyone on edge, helps to build interest and  beautifully ties connection with previous movie..that is what every geek expect from any trailer..

Do let us know what you think about this movie....share your views in comment section below.. and keep reading

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