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Moto G 4th gen (Moto G 4th gen plus) : Leaked Specification

Last week we saw first look of what is supposed to be next moto device. Now the specs have emerged of Moto G 4 and Moto G 4 Plus, the first Lenovo-branded Moto devices to appear this year and everyone is excited for what Lenovo can get out of Motorola.

Mystery Moto : Spotted
last week
Here is disclaimer, none of the information come from official sources, but they are from reliable and respected medium, they do are heavily reliable. 

A commenter on Blass’ tweet “confirmed” the name and stated it is being tested at Chicago’s Merchandise Mart, later tweeting “for the Moto G4 Plus I can only go on what I see. And it was pretty darn nice. 
Blass’ tweet

Expect a nice looking evolution in Motorola’s design language.” Another commenter reposted the image at the top of this article which appeared a few weeks back and also features a similarly-shaped physical home button.

Sources from Leveno have already conformed that Moto G4 will feature fingerprint scanner, the “Plus” is being assumed to refer to a larger-screened variant of a smaller original.

Moto G 4th generation and Moto G 4th Gen Plus

The Moto G (4th gen.) specs listed include 5.5-inch display16 GB ROM13 MP camera and 240 Euro price tag, while the “Moto G Plus” specs include the same sized screen and internal storage but a larger 16 MP camera and 280 Euro price tag

Moto  G plus : Specification

Without further specs to go on its hard to say to what degree the Moto G Plus (or Moto G4 Plus) might be a more premium version of the standard Moto G4, but at least it reveals the possibility of the Plus referring to better specs rather than a larger size.

Do tell us what do you think about first Moto product from Lenovo, are you excited for  Moto G 4 
and Moto G4 plus.. tell us in comment section below..

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