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Everything About Apple's Corporate Lease Plan

"Get iPhone Se for Rs. 999 Under Corporate Lease Plan" - isn't it amazing. We already know that after reading our previous post you all want to know how we can avail these price.
Here's everything you need to know about the lease programme offered by Apple partners in India:
Q1 What is the iPhone lease programme?
A) Apple's lease programme let you use an iPhone for a fixed monthly payment for 2 years. You get to keep the iPhone for the duration of the lease, but you don't own the phone, similar to how car leasing works.
Q2 Who can sign up for the lease?
A) The lease programme is available only for corporate entities - in other words, companies or registered business. It is expected that there's no criteria on the size of the corporate, you just need to commit to a minimum number of phones that you will lease.
Q3 What is the minimum number of devices that I need to lease?
A) Based on discussion with distributors, you need to lease a minimum of 20 iPhone units as part of this programme. 
Q4 What is the lease duration?
A) The lease is available for 12, 18, or 24 months.
Q5 What is the monthly amount I need to pay to get an iPhone?
A) It varies based on the iPhone model and lease duration. See all plans below:
Image courtesy- Gadget 360
Q6 Is there a down payment that needs to be made at the beginning of the lease period? Do I need to pay a deposit?
A) There's no down payment and you don't need to pay a deposit or security.
Q7 What happens at the end of the lease period?
A) The iPhone needs to be returned to the Apple partner at the end of the lease period.
Q8 Can I terminate the lease early?
A) In case of termination of the lease, you will need to pay termination charges as per the terms of the contract.
Q9 What if the iPhone is damaged during the lease period?
A) Standard Apple warranty terms apply. If the damage is covered under Apple's warranty programme, then you will be given a replacement device, but if there's some physical damage, such as a damaged screen, you will need to pay for the cost of repairs/ replacement.
Q10 I work for a 'corporate' - can I buy an iPhone under this programme?
A) No, the programme is only for corporate entities. Talk to your company's HR/ admin/ IT department, and ask them to sign up for this programme to avail benefits.
Q11 I am an individual ready to lease 20 phones for my family. Can I do that under this programme?
A) If you run a business, your company should be able to lease these phones, but you can't do it as an individual.
Q12 Does the lease programme extend to other Apple products as well?
A) Yes, you can get iPads and even MacBooks on a corporate lease, under similar terms - the monthly amounts will vary.
Q13 I went to an Apple/ Airtel/ Vodafone/ Croma/ other store, and they are clueless about this programme. What do I do?
A) The lease programme is offered via select Apple partners, and not all retail outlets may be aware of the details.
Q14 How do I sign up for the programme/ find out more details?
A) Your best bet is to write to with details of your organisation - an Apple partner will get in touch with you.

For further queries you may write in comment section. We will try to solve your queries as early as possible.

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