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Do You Want Check How fast you think ??? – Don’t worry You have Faster Thinking!!!!

Faster Thinking, as the name suggests it is a game to check how fast you can respond. This the very simple than you think. If you think your kids are addicted to mobile games then you have a better option to get them addicted in a better way. This app is suitable for anyone who can read English and do basic math calculation.

Faster Thinking is designed in such a way that if you play it once, it will make you to play even more times. It has very decent interface. If you don’t have any expectations then this app will not disappoint you. It turns on your reflexive action to a greater extent. Are you excited what this is about

This is a free brain training app designed in a very simple manner. This is available for android mobiles and requires a version of android 2.2 and above. It takes a memory space of 17.27 MB. So far, it has reached 500,000 downloads. It works with almost almost all android devices. Faster Thinking checks your English and Math skills.

The questions are very basic but the toughest part is how fast you respond and choose the answer.We can either completely test our English or Math separately by selecting those options or to play mixed of both English and Math we can just select Play option simply.

Every question has two options but both will be similar , All you have to do is see the image and choose the corresponding correct action performed in the image for which, we will be provided with three seconds to choose the right option, the more number of questions we answer then the difficulty level will increase. 

So if you fail to concentrate here, even for a fraction of second then you are going to lose. The latest update was made on August 25, 2015. May be the game looks so dull without exaggerated graphics but the game-play will be awesome.

Depending on the number of questions you answer in a single go, you will be awarded with some points which you can share it online to your friends. That is all about this app. Verdict: Faster thinking has very usual interface and it has running micro ads at the bottom all the time. There is no provision to get rid of those ads. And sometimes the question repeats quite often. Only very few knows about the existence of this app. 

Apart from these this is a quite good app for all age groups and when you play it in groups it will be more fun. This is going to be really worthy and useful. Don’t think just act is the main motto of Faster Thinking. So just download it once and play you will surely love it. 

Google play store’s rating for this app is 4.1/5. My rating would be 4/5. Download it here

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