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Do You Really Need to Buy new iPhone SE ?

Apple launched there latest flagship the iPhone SE on 21st march 2k16. So this little talking I am going to do will be about you should or you should not buy the new iPhone SE, as per apple the new se is the budget smart phone and the new cool but hello people RS 39000 INR, is not what you call budgeted price. 

This is the second time we have to deal with this kind of price for there so called budget smart phone the iPhone 5c was also given the tag of budget smart phone but it turned out to be way more expensive. Now let's get straight to the point no more informal talks.  The further information will help you to decide weather to go or not to go with the new se.

Quick Specs

1-    LED backlit IPS display,4 inches, capacitive touch screen
2-    iOS 9.3, chipset Apple A9, CPU dual core 1.84 GHz Twister
3-    Available in 16/64 gb, has 2GB of RAM
4-    12 megapixel isight primary camera  and 1.2 secondary camera with face detection
5-    1642 mAh of battery
6-    Colors available- rose gold, gold, spacegrey, silver
7-    Built quality same as the iPhone 5S

People who should buy SE? 
People have loved iPhone series all over the world.  The new SE gives the old and premium look and style that the iPhone 5s gave us and 5s was loved and is still loved by the people.

5s is still the daily driver for people they dint switch to new iPhone 6 or 6s just because they were not comfortable with the new look and the size of the iPhone the launch of the new SE was one of the great news for the people all over the world the old and premium look with the new and fascinating technology.

I personally would prefer the new se over 6 or 6s and there are people who are downgrading to se from 6s.
Perks of buying an SE 

3rd generation 64bit chip new transistor architecture optimized for real world use. May it be that the new se is smaller than the iPhone 6 but it is way more powerful than the 6. Apple decided to utilize the A9 processor from 6 month old 6s, along with the M9 co-processor.
The processors bump mean you are going to get smoother performance with apps and games, ios 9.3 is going to work as smooth as it works on the iPhone 6s.


The iphone se has 4 inch widescreen display. But surprisingly the iphone 6 and the se have same pixel density rating of 326ppi.

Which means to an average eye the screen ought took look identical. You get less screen size for games and media and the ui may seem a little cramped but what do you expect  more from a 4 inch widescreen display.


Inside the se you will find a 12 megapixel back camera, same as on the iphone 6s, and it will deliver even more sharper photo's than the iPhone 6.

Furthermore it shoots 4K video footage from the back and you can also take the live photo as on the 6s. the front  has the face-time HD 1.2 megapixel only flaw in the front camera is that it does not have the front flash and the 6S has it.

Hardware perks

The new se has both touch id and and NFC sensors for the apple pay, so they're are well equipped to keep you secured in terms of money and as well as your data and sorry no it does not have 3D touch.

Battery life

Smaller phone shorter battery life right ? nope iPhone SE may have a smaller battery pack as compared to iPhone 6 but it its actually rated to last longer than the iPhone 6.

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