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Slack Introduces New Calling Feature

The messaging app Slack recently launched a new voice calling feature that started releasing its beta version on March 2. The beta testing will begin in Slack’s desktop app and in Chrome


The New Voice Calling Feature
According to The Verge, Slack is letting its users experience one-to-one voice chats for free. The new feature was placed in development after Slack acquired Screenhero, a screen-sharing app. In 2015, Slack also aimed to add voice calls, screen sharing and video calls into its messaging app, making it more flexible.

Users who pay for the app can begin voice chats with up to 15 individuals. At present, Slack will observe and maintain its beta version to determine its users' response. A limited rollout seems to be ideal, compared to an official big launch, provided how Slack has grown in popularity within a short period of time.

Slack is also asking beta users to provide feedback and suggest the features and functions they wish from the calling feature
How to Start
Those who have administrative privileges need to enable voice calling. As soon as these are enabled, there should be a phone icon that appears throughout the app, allowing users to initiate a call with an individual or group. As soon as the call is made, icons of people included in the call will be shown and the active individuals will be highlighted.

Also included in Slack's voice calling is the Reactions feature, which lets users respond immediately to the person they are talking to via an emoji.

Tech Crunch wrote that users only need the latest Slack app, which was released late in February 2016, or the web interface. Calls generally use WebRTC, so no additional plugin is required. As soon as players are on the beta, there will be a phone button that appears in every channel and on individual direct messages. Hitting the button will post an instant conference call within your channel for anyone to join via a single click.

Slack mentioned that adding voice chat will not limit its support for third-party integrations. This means that users can still start Skype calls and Hangouts via Slack if they wish.

More updates and details on Slack’s new feature and the official version are expected soon.
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