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Recent Innovations in Building and Infrastructure

1. Drone surveying

In 2014 drones come onto radars and receive a lot of media attention. Today, they’re being used in everything from law enforcement to commerce, setting in motion nothing less than a drone revolution.
The world of surveying is one of the largest benefactors of drone technology. Armed with high-resolution digital cameras and dedicated software, specialist drones are allowing surveyors to break through frontiers and explore the previously unexploreable.

2. Pegasus Two Surveying

Surveyors have had a good few years. That being said, they are long overdue as surveying has long consumed a large and valuable amount of project time.
Leica Geosystem’s Pegasus Two is for the ground what drones are for the sky. The vehicle-mounted HDS scanning system is capable of performing 360-degree corridor surveys at over 50 miles per hour. Cutting down the surveying time significantly without any loss of quality.

3. 3D Concrete Printing

Some of the world’s greatest construction projects have been built using concrete. The building material does have its drawbacks, such as the need for vast quantities to acquire adequate strength, but things are radically changing as 3D printing technology is now capable of using the material to build complex building forms.

The technology has the potential to reduce the project duration, cost, manpower.

4. Smart Highways

Netherlands has become the first county to see stretches of ‘Smart Highway’ installed and open for public use.

 Smart Highways or smart roads is not a single technology whereas it is collection of technologies which aim to improve how a driver interacts with the road. Everything from lighting, road condition, weather, and road markings are turned into information, delivered direct to a driver’s dashboard. Many of its goals are yet to be achieved and face challenges.

5. Kinetic Roads

Use of sustainable, ecologically friendly power has gain high importance in recent years. Company called Underground Power announced a breakthrough in capturing dissipated kinetic energy of braking automobiles and converting it to en electric current.

The discovery has the potential to produce, over a period of 12 months, the same amount of power as that of 19 tons of oil.
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