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Innovative Technology for Food

Getting bored of daily eating same type of food or hostel food? Here are some of the advancements in food technology, which will reduce our food problem to greater extent, shortly.

1. 3D printed candy

The 3D printer(ChefJet) is specifically made to print candy made from sugar. They make all kinds of cake toppings and other concoctions to show the use for the candy, and the ChefJet is available through The Sugar Lab for $5,000 (for one color) and $10,000 (for multiple colors).

2. Underground farms

Using hydroponic (Growing plants using mineral nutrients solution in water, without the use of soil) and the most advanced LED technology(for giving heat to plant), a company in London has transformed an abandoned train tunnel, into an underground farm. Locals can purchase from the farm. The company has net zero energy usage, uses 70% less water than traditional farming, and is currently growing nine types of greens and four herbs.

3. Drones

The Federal Aviation Administration(FAA) is working on drones that can have a huge effect on farming, as they can go farther out in the fields and monitor crops, as well as pinpoint exact locations of diseased plants easier and take photos for farmers. They can also release smaller, more directed amounts of pesticides so as not to waste them.

4. Imagine H2O

The non-profit Imagine H2O hosts an annual startup competition and an accelerator program to solve big water challenges for the billion people that live without access to clean drinking water. The winners of the competition have an opportunity to create a business with connections from the industry. Some of the topics for the competition include water efficiency, wastewater, and consumer innovations for water.

5. Foodini

Foodini is a 3D printer made for the kitchen, and the designers want you to get creative. Here, it makes cheese for a burger. The machine has also made the burgers themselves, as well as a variety of desserts. It's the first type of 3D printer that uses natural, fresh ingredients as the "ink."

6. Sensors and precision agriculture

Ag Leader, one of the leading precision technology hardware developers, created a device called OPTRX crop sensors, which measure and record data about crops using the reflectance of light shined on plants. The devices can attach to the machine to collect information while going through the field. It helps farmers apply chemicals, like nitrogen, on plants. 

7. Love Food Hate Waste

Started in the UK by a non-profit, Love Food Hate Waste is a website, designed to help reduce food waste and save money. It allows users to plug what they have as leftovers to make use of them, download recipes, and plan and shop more healthfully and frugally. Samsung has also partnered with the campaign to raise awareness about reducing food waste.

8. Bitponics

Bitponics is a personal gardening assistant to help monitor, analyze, and service a hydroponic garden. It has sensors that monitor the garden's health and environment. The Bitponics Cloud runs a personal Grow Plan, which runs crowdsourced blueprints for garden care, as well as sensor readings and shared tips from the community.

9. Farm Hack

It's an online, open source forum for farmers and people in the food industry to chat and get their questions about changing technology answered. Farm Hack, which is in partnership by the National Young Farmers Coalition, also hosts events like hackathons to create innovations in agriculture. Some products have been greenhouse monitors, electric tractors, mobile biotech labs, and a pedal-powered rootwasher.

10. Vertical farms

Their is very less space left for farming because of growing population. This problem is being solved by Dr. Dickson Despommier, a professor at Columbia University, who is a well-known champion of vertical farming. Ideally, each floor would be a different "field,". The skyscraper is basically greenhouse on top of greenhouse, using artificial light and hydroponic technology. It's a perfect use for abandoned warehouses or other high-rises.

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