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Google: Clouds Making Actual Cloud

Ever wondered how Google manages thousands of petabytes of storage across its services around the world? The answer lies in its state-of-the-art data centers. Google has released a 360-degree video in glorious 4K resolution that takes you through its data center in The Dalles, Oregon. Where we can take a close look inside.

360-degree videos are becoming popular with numerous videos being uploaded on the net. All are amazed by 360-degree captured videos. 360-degree video gives feel like traveling to the place their is no need of traveling to the place. 360-degree video is available for androids but, not for iOS.
We all do wonder where and how did Google stores data, the team provided a 360-degree video showing one of the massive data storage centers of Google in Dalles, Oregon. This is a 8-minute video clip which gives the viewers a tour of the place, there’s nothing much to see but endless aisles of tech where data is stored. The team also showed how Google Cloud works.

The data center is highly secured, iris scans, dual identification, all the security needed to keep the data safe from possible break-ins. The video feels like scenes from the ‘Mission Impossible’ franchise where Ethan Hunt needs to steal some data, that is how immersive the video is. It looks even better if watched with the 4k (2160p) setting.
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