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Apple Watch 2 rumors, news and release date: Next wearable to accompany iPhone 7 in September

The Apple Watch 2 represents the true litmus test for Apple's wearable plans. The original Apple Watch has been accepted by Apple fans, and tech-savvy consumers - but the Apple Watch 2 will need to cater to a much broader audience.

Here are the latest rumors and speculations.

Apple Watch 2 will launch with iPhone 7

Latest rumors suggest that the iPhone 7 is going to share the stage with the Apple Watch 2 at some point in September. As per a report by Mark Gurman on 9to5mac, the next Apple Watch will be unveiled in September in the same event as the next iPhone. Before that, Apple is likely to have an Apple Watch-only event in March, where a range of new finishes and bands are expected.

Apple Watch 2: Design

After the initial release of the Apple Watch, the company launched more bands and finishes later and rumours indicate it will expand the range even further in March 2016.
There is a possibility that the Apple Watch design will remain basically unchanged, but it could become slightly thinner. In addition, it's likely that Apple will increase its IPX7 waterproof standard to an IP67 rating.

Apple Watch 2: Price

The most expensive 42mm Watch is priced at $949 and the 42mm Watch Edition is priced at $9,500 with a selection of mid-range variations. Each model of the Apple Watch features the same internal hardware, so it's probable that the new models will use different, more premium cases and strap materials.

Apple Watch 2: Features and specs

Along with new features such as more clock faces and a Time Travel function, watchOS 2 also gives Apple Watch far more independence from a paired iPhone. Presently, the Apple Watch relies on a paired iPhone for everything

Reports reveal the results of Apple research which shows that Watch owners finished the day with around 30% to 40% of battery left on their smartwatches. Remarkably, the Apple Watch 2 is likely to have similar battery life suggesting that Apple wants its users to continue charging their watches everyday.
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