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Apple Preparing For BANG

Apple is holding a major event on March 21 where it will unveil several new devices. The consumer electronics giant has a reputation for being extremely secretive about its own events and products, so there has certainly been no official indication regarding what we can expect to see on March 21. But there have been many reports and leaks that have already emerged regarding this event that mean we have a good idea of precisely what to expect.

iPad Air 3 / iPad Pro

Firstly, Apple is expected to unveil a new tablet at the March 21 event, but there is some debate over precisely how this device will be branded. It had been thought initially that it would inevitably be a sequel to the existing iPad Air 2, and that naturally the tablet would receive the iPad Air 3 moniker. However, recent reports have suggested that the iPad Pro could be a possible name for this device, with a smaller variant building on the success of the 12.9-inch tablet that was launched last year.

It is expected that this new tablet will be 9.7-inches in screen size, with a 4K resolution display. It has also been widely reported that the iPad Air 3 / iPad Pro will feature a quad-stereo speaker setup that will greatly enhance the music-playing capabilities of the device.

While the iPhone series is never particularly notable for its high specifications, Apple has taken a different approach with the iPad tablet range, and thus this will be an extremely powerful tablet performer. With Apple seemingly considering branding this device as part of the iPad Pro range, there will be a significant onus on the corporation to deliver an outstanding device in spec terms, so this could potentially be the highlight of the entire event.
iPhone SE
Aside from the iPad Pro, the other major announcement expected for the March 21 event is the arrival of a brand new iPhone concept. It has been reported for some time that Apple is intending to introduce a four-inch smartphone, with the intention of capturing the affordable marketplace in western countries, and, achieving greater market penetration in developing economies.

The iPhone SE will indeed be Apple’s attempts to achieve this, and it would be little short of a staggering surprise were it not to be unveiled on March 21. The Apple-following media has been reporting on this device for almost 12 months, and it will finally see the light of day in March, ahead of a projected April release.

Thus, the colorful and plasticky feel of previous iPhone variants in the budget niche will be avoided completely, and this compact mobile can instead be more readily compared to an iPhone 6 iteration.

Indeed, specifications linked with the iPhone SE have veered between the iPhone 6 and last year’s iPhone 6s. So consumers should expect what will be an extremely nifty performer considering the smaller display and affordable price tag. In particular, it is predicted that the iPhone SE will be armed with an eight-megapixel snapper that is the best camera Apple has ever included in a smaller iPhone device, and even that optical image stabilization will be included.

A price tag of around $450 is anticipated for the iPhone SE, as Apple attempts to convince people who have never parted with folding green paper for an iPhone previously to do so for the first time.
New Apple Watch accessories
In addition to the two major product releases, Apple is also expected to announce upgrades to its Apple Watch range. It is debatable whether the Apple Watch has been a success or failure thus far, with the smartwatch already completely dominating the marketplace for such devices, but perhaps not achieving the penetration of public consciousness that Apple would have been hoping for.

But central to the ethos of the Apple Watch has been the notion of consumer choice, with Apple providing consumers with a vast variety of both strap and face options. Apple was acutely aware of the fashion-based nature of this device, and it has at least delivered an attractive unit, even if some people queried precisely what’s the purpose of the original Apple Watch is!

Apple will extend this policy at the March 21 event, potentially unveiling numerous new strap and face options. It is even been suggested in some quarters that the corporation will unveil a new mid-range version of the smartwatch, intended to offer those wanting a premium model of the smartwatch without shelling out the $10,000 associated with the Apple Watch Edition.

This is significantly less likely than the other products mentioned previously, but Apple Watch owners and consumers should at least have something to look forward to in the next couple of weeks.
No Apple Watch 2
However, it does seem that the possibility of the Apple Watch 2 being unveiled at this event is now remote. At one time it was thought that the second iteration of the Apple Watch would launch alongside the four-inch smartphone that Apple has evidently been planning for some time, but this now appears to be extremely unlikely. It has been widely reported that the Apple Watch 2 will launch in the second half of 2016, and no-one is now seriously expecting Apple to announce it on March 21.
Federal case irony

One of the great ironies of this unveiling event is that it will come at just one day before Apple faces off with the FBI in federal court in Southern California. This will be one of the most critical issues in the history of the corporation, and will massively affect the entire consumer electronics industry. The FBI is attempting to induce Apple to open up its operating system to the authorities, a move that the California-based corporation has opposed strongly. There’s no doubt that both March 21 and March 22 will be keenly noted in the diaries of Apple fans.
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