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Apple iPhone 7 leaked images

This may be very first look at iPhone 7.

The leaked images show a redesigned rear case without the rubber-like antenna bands that are currently there on iPhone 6/6s models. The antenna bands are said to help network signals pass through the smartphone's aluminum bodies.

For iPhone 7, Apple has reportedly built a new type of smart material that eliminates the need for these rubber stripes.

The image also hints at camera upgrade. While an upgrade for the camera is very much expected, the image shows a significantly bigger camera module than the one on iPhone 6, 6s. This means that the camera on iPhone 7 may protrude less than the current camera.

1. Bye-bye Antenna Bands
It has long been rumored that Apple has built a breakthrough ‘smart’ stuff that would permit it to ultimately remove the hideous antenna stripes on the iPhone series. The stripes are made of the handsets’ aluminum frame to halt it killing signal strength and, top on the signal, NoWhereElse’s schematics reveal they have gone, which creates a much distinct overall look.

2. Larger Camera

It should be no wonder that the iPhone 7 will feature an upgraded camera like every new iPhone does but, the No Where Else schematics bestow something that Apple hasn’t made in several years. The giveaway is the opening for the camera module is significantly bigger than on its predecessors iPhone 6S and iPhone 6. It has also been driven closer to the corner of the device. A larger module doesn’t certainly mean it will project more than the current device’s camera. In fact, rumor is the iPhone 7 camera will be absolutely flat.

This larger module wouldn’t accommodate a dual camera and when you see at the leaked image, you can find a the smaller hole which is actually meant for the LED flash. Controversially this, probably revolutionary technology, is considered to be held only for a brand-new top of the series 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus variant called the ‘iPhone 7 Pro’.

3. Sleeker Design

While the dimensions are not revealed in the leaked image, Hemmerstoffer says iPhone 7 schematics are marginally sleeker than the predecessors iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus versions which were truly fractionally thicker than the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Ever-sleeker smartphones have begun to aggravate customers who’d rather manufacturers converged on practicalities like larger batteries. Samsung ultimately accepted this with the superb Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge so, if Apple does not do the same, it could justify a dubious move.

However, the source of the report dates back to January and is expected to show the camera component of another smartphone. Apple is planning to launch this iPhone 7 later this year and meanwhile, it is gearing up to unveil the affordable iPhone SE and a 9.7-inch iPad Pro.
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