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AlphaGo Defeats Grandmaster Lee Sedol

The artificial intelligence created by Google and London-based DeepMind has taken a two-game lead in a landmark championship against the one of the world's best players at the ancient board game of Go.
Alpha Go

The AlphaGo AI defeated South Korean grandmaster Lee Sedol in another tense game, at the Korea Baduk Association in Seoul on Thursday.

The match was another tight encounter, which entered overtime before AlphaGo eventually triumphed. "AlphaGo played some beautiful creative moves in this game," said Demis Hassabis, Deepmind founder, on Twitter. He added that 100 million people had watched the first match online, including 60 million in China.

The victory puts Deepmind on the verge of a remarkable triumph, which some experts have suggested is a decade or more ahead of schedule in the development of true, 'thinking' AI.

The two sides will play three more times over the next week, with the winner taking a $1 million prize. Lee will have to win every remaining match to take home the prize.

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