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Alert: Mobile Phones with Fingerprint Scanner Are Not Safe

ALL IT TAKES IS TWO ITEMS (printer ink and paper) TO HACK mobile phone with fingerprint scanner, RESEARCHERS AT MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY REVEAL.
Kai Cao and Anil Jain, researchers from Michigan State University, have devised a way to trick two Android phones with fingerprint locks into opening by using two simple items: printer ink and paper.

By scanning a fingerprint at 300dpi and printing it on an inkjet printer, Cao and Jain were able to unlock both a Samsung Galaxy S6 and Huawei Honor 7 with little effort.

Although they use a special kind of paper (AgIC paper) and ink (conductive silver ink), both are widely available online.

Cao and Jain have only tested this on two smartphones, but everything from iPhones to home security systems use very similar fingerprint scanning technology.

So, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that someone could James Bond you out of your life savings if, like many of us, your bank allows you to sign in via your phone’s fingerprint scanner. So, become aware and develop ways to prevent from such security attack.

Watch the video of experiment.

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