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7 Reasons to get a OnePlus X today

Vikas Agarwal, General Manager - India, OnePlus

1. Svelte Design

Design breakthroughs in the smartphone industry are becoming increasingly rare. While metal and glass may be the go-to materials for present day smartphones, we have taken a lot of effort in meticulously designing the OnePlus X, which blends design form, aesthetics and usability for the local smartphone user today. It feels right when you hold it in the palm of your hands and yes, it is hard to get those chamfered edges perfect.

2. Your Vision, Our Smartphone Camera

Mobile photography has reached a phase where photos clicked at the highest quality possible are similar to viewing them with your own eyes. And that realism is brought to life by the camera inside the OnePlus X. Packing an ISOCELL sensor, this new technology improves colour reproduction, sharpness and dynamic range compared to standard camera sensors. Furthermore, the module packs in a hybrid autofocus system thereby empowering even amateur photographers to click distinct moments, fantastic photos and awesome selfie shots.

3. Value for your Money

While the smartphone space has lately undergone a metamorphosis, brand OnePlus continues to push the boundaries in delivering on the facets of price, performance and ingenuity. While we understand the requirements of a price conscious consumer, we are not a budget brand. Offering a premium smartphone experience in all our smartphones is a motto ingrained in the ethos of our company and we will continue to deliver on this front.

4. Variety is a spice of Smartphone Life

The OnePlus X, while pushing the boundaries of being your daily driver phone isn’t limited when it comes to a choice of a variant. In fact, we are one of the first OEMs to introduce a limited-edition “fire-baked” Zirconia Ceramic variant which is extremely rigorous to manufacture while being super durable and pleasing to the eye. We also have the “Champagne Gold” and “Onyx Black” variants to suit your style needs while offering the user more choices. 

5. Entertainment Guaranteed

Yes, we agree. The video hasn’t killed the Radio Star. In fact, Radio continues to be an important mode of audio leisure for the people of India and we have this capability built into our handset. Enjoy your favourite FM stations on-the-go anytime, anywhere. 

6. Choice to the User, For the User

You must always be able to predict what's next and then have the flexibility to evolve. And that is what we’ve done with the OnePlus X with the help of our community. In an increasingly globalised world, we are all travellers and your smartphone is an essential medium facilitating this transition. With Dual-SIM support, carry your work and personal life simultaneously and if need be, increase your media consumption by strapping an expansion card to increase your storage. The choice is yours!      

7. Performance where it matters

Packing in some of the highest end silicon in its innards, the OnePlus X will breeze through your apps without a hiccup. With a significant performance under the hood, gaming, productivity and lifestyle apps are all in a day’s work for our smartphone. Not to forget, our custom ROM in OxygenOS is a breath of fresh air amidst the bloatware filled offerings compared to the competition. Run Android the way it is meant to be. 

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