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15 Most expensive gadgets in world

1.iPad 2 Gold History Edition

This one is definitely at the more expensive end of this list – you would need £5 million to get your hands on this diamond encursted iPad with a 24 carat gold Apple logo.

Designer Stuart Hughes is known for turning Apple products into ridiculously expensive gadgets – the 53 individually placed gems in this one are bound to attract bling lovers.

2. A hovercraft

Yes, we thought we’d start you off with one of the more ridiculous toys out there. For a very reasonable price of around £112,000 you could have your very own hovercraft to send you flying over land and water at up to 70 mph.
This insanely expensive half-boat half-flying-car is actually available from Hammacher Schlemmer – so if you have a spare £100,000 then you can check it out.

3. iPhone 5 Black Diamond — $15 million

Made using 135 gram solid gold of 24 carat, the $15 million iPhone 5 Black Diamond took nine weeks to build. The chassis was inlaid with 600 white diamonds, while the Apple logo on the back boasts of 53 of these gems. Apart from these precious materials, this phone also utilizes sapphire in the screen.

The highlight of this black-and-gold iPhone 5 is the single, flawless black deep-cut diamond that has replaced the home button. Weighing 26-carat, this black diamond belonged to a Chinese business man who commissioned this phone from luxury product maker Stuart Hughes.

4. Camael Diamonds iPad — $1.2 million

Diamonds are a girl’s best friends, goes the saying. How about a diamond-encrusted iPad worth $1.2 million? This gadget is crafted with 18-carat gold and has 300-carat diamonds on the back. The Home button in the front and the Apple logo on the back are made using black diamonds. Made by Camael London, this gadget weighs over 1kg.

5. Ecosse Titanium Series FE Ti XX Motorcycle: $300,000
Yes, there is the $555,000 Dodge Tomahawk that can compete as the world’s most expensive motorcycle. But it technically has four wheels! Many have christened the Ecosse Titanium Series FE Ti XX Motorcycle as the world’s most expensive motorcycle. It gives other motorbikes a run for their money with its price tag of $300,000 and a high-end titanium chassis fit with carbon fiber wheels. This motorcycle also delivers 210-foot pounds of pure torque.

6. The Emperor Chair

We’ve written about this before but it’s just hard to get over how epic ‘The Emperor Chair’ sounds, right? Just imagine sitting in a £12,700 chair with five PC monitors held up by the “scorpian tail”.

The Emperor Chair (yes you have to say the full name every time) supposedly provides total office comfort, has a built-in Bose sound system and, let’s face it, is just undeniably awesome. this one is for the secret film villain inside all of us.

7. 201-carat gold watch

Take a guess – how many diamonds do you think feature on this watch? 50, 100? Oh no – it’s actually a whopping 874 diamonds. Underneath it’s just a watch, there’s no other functionality other than telling the time. We’re willing to bet than it feels pretty heavy on your wrist.

Due to the number of diamonds we’re sure you won’t be surprised to hear the price tag – this is available for almost £15 million.

8. A killer whale submarine boat

Some millionaires might have a boat – but you? Oh you have something on a whole different level. This is what all the rich and famous want – at least it should be anyway.
For around £59,000 you could have a killer whale submarine boat, or a shark boat – basically you can have the king of boats.

Seabreacher claims to build the ‘ultimate diving machines’ and we’re inclined to believe them. In these you can dive, roll, jump and just generally do water acrobatics – all while looking like one of the most majestic creatures of the ocean. Sign me up now.

9. The BBQ boat

This isn’t just any boat – oh no – this is a 10-seater, built-in barbeque grill boat for floating parties. There’s storage, an umbrella to shade you from all that blazing sun (because obviously you’ll be somewhere far sunnier if you win the lottery) and a motor to take you out to where ever you want to be.

The motor on this expensive gadget has four rechargeable batteries too, so there’s not much of a time limit on how long you can spend in one of these in a day. £30,000 well spent? Maybe, just maybe.

10. Bulletproof air-conditioned suit

If you have a spare £1.9 million then 
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this suit is bound to make you feel like a total James Bond. This is on our list as surely anything with built-in air conditioning counts as a gadget – it’s certainly more than just a suit.

It’s diamond encrusted – 880 black diamonds to be precise – made with bulletproof fabric, and has steel, black diamond encrusted buttons. The lining of the suit is even designed by an artist from Costa Rica. Just imagine wearing this and sitting in the ‘Emperor Chair’.

11. A disappearing swimming pool

This is the James Bond of pools – to match your suit of course. Certain gadgets like this actually make quite a lot of sense though – this pool disappears when you’re not using it to reduce the risk of someone falling in. So you wouldn’t have to worry about your kids running around the pool.

It’ll still cost you – around £40,000 to be precise – but it would also look nice in your mountain surrounded mansion, right? Go on, splash out – you and your beautiful world need this.

12. A giant robot warrior

So that when the apocolypse hits, or robots take over the world – you have the ultimate weapon. These are totally customisable too, so they can be camoflaged, have water guns installed in the hands, or you could even be practical and have it made into a house-cleaning pro.

That’s right, your own robot warrior would cost you just £785,800 – a small price to pay for such amazing technology surely?! We actually think this looks pretty terrifying, especially when you consider that this is one of the most expensive gadgets on this list.

13. The Kohler Numi Toilet System: $6,400
For the rich and powerful, it is not enough to take care of your excretions through normal means. The Kohler Numi breaks all boundaries when it comes to toilet systems with this contraption worth $6,400. This unit has a touchscreen interface and a smart bidet for easier cleaning. The seat is also heated and there is a vent underneath that blows warm air for additional comfort.

14. Victorinox 1TB Swiss Army Knife: $3,000

We know Swiss knives should be everything you need in a nice and neat package. With the advent of the digital revolution, why not include a thumb drive with it? This is the new feature of the upcoming Victorinox 1TB Swiss Army Knife. Yes, that’s one terabyte of data storage in a little bundle in the comforts of your pocket.
For practical purposes, the USB 2.0 thumb drive can be detached from the Swiss Knife so that there won’t be a dangling hazard each time you have to transfer files. But for a thumb drive with a few practical knives and features, are you really willing to shell out $3,000?

15. A Dark Knight home cinema

I suppose this is a combination of gadgets, but the end result is just incredible. Your luxury mountain-surrounded mansion with secret swimming pool, bulletproof suit and Emperor Chair just isn’t complete with a Dark Knight home cinema (do tell us when we’re getting too carried away).

Built at a cost of around £1.2 million, this Batman themed cinema has a 180 inch screen – framed with Batsuits, obviously – and has a stainless steel life and secret escape tunnel. The best bit about it – the company behind it all has created Star Wars and Titanic-themed home cinemas too. You could basically have whatever you want.

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