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Line Messaging App

Line Messaging App: LINE Corporation which is known well for its instant messaging application and it also famous for its voice calling. LINE has created a name for its crystal clear voice calling for the Android and iOS Devices. LINE will also work as a Desktop application for some devices containing OS Windows with version 4.5 or above. Recently LINE corporation has launched its latest update which holds the group voice calling and it supports up to 200 people.

It is not that great for having One-on-One video and voice calling these days and also not only LINE there are many other apps which let users use one-on-one calling, Voice messaging and also one-on-one voice calling. LINE comes with the latest upgrade in which a person can have a group call which means one person can call to the group or multiple persons on the chat. LINE has set the users for the group calling which offers to a group of 200 people at a time.

LINE provides group call in which once a group call has been started then a notification will be sent to all the members of the group participants over the chat. A group call can be represented by an icon which is shown with the user icon of the person who is currently speaking in the Group. By this feature, it let the users easily to communicate.

With this LINE also provides additionally designed screen in which the screen will be appearing little more and which also have a different layout for the menu icons. LINE also lets the users detect easily when their friends on LINE change their Profile pictures or status. As LINE is the not the first instant messenger application to introduce the group voice calling years before Hike also brought Group voice calling which would offer only for 100 people in a group call. Apart from all this LINE itself has launched an app called Popcorn Buzz last year which allows the users to communicate in a group call at a time.

According to the news on LINE company blog post, “The group call feature can be utilised for no charge as long as the user has the Line app installed, allowing easy communication with a worldwide community of users. The service is perfect for catching up with friends and family, and also for use at work for important conference calls. The possibilities are endless with this tool designed to eliminate the traditional barriers to effective group communication”.

The LINE App operates it updates to all the countries except for Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia. To download Line Messaging App from your Smartphone just check out in Google Play and App Store.
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