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First look of iPhone 7? Rumors and Leaks

The iPhone 7 is speculated to release in 2016, but a launch is not expected until the fall.Here is a look at what to anticipate from the 2016 iPhone release.

iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Release Date: What to Expect
The iPhone 7 release date is not in March 2016. All reports point to a 4-inch iPhone 5se at the March event and a major remodel of the iPhone later this year. The iPhone 7 will release in late 2016 unless Apple makes a major change to the release timeline.

iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6s: What's in a Name?

If Apple follows its tradition, an iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are likely to be seen with a new look and new features this fall.

New iPhone Design

Based on the popularity that the iPhone 6 Plus received, it is likely that the iPhone 7 design will feature two different screen sizes. Rumors also suggest Apple plans to discard the headphone jack to make way for a thinner iPhone or more room at the side for components. Apple could include a second speaker in place of the headphone jack. The iPhone 7 may come with better water resistance and dust resistance, which is a feature Apple upgraded privately on the iPhone 6s.

Better Camera

Rumors hint that the iPhone 7 camera will feature a 12MP sensor and the iPhone 7 Plus may come with a dual-lens camera system and LinX technology to offer images with DLSR -like quality.

Headphone Jack and Lightning Port

It is speculated that Apple will discard the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 to allow for a new design that uses that space better. Fast Company reports that Apple could introduce wireless charging as part of the design, with a waterproof feature included in as well.

iPhone 7 Performance

With the iPhone 7, an Apple A10 processor is likely although the name may change by the time this new iPhone comes out. Also 2GB RAM in the iPhone 7 and 3GB RAM in the iPhone 7 Plus is rumored.


Recent reports suggest that Apple is considering new storage options, up to 256GB for the iPhone 7 Plus, but it is not certain whether Apple will jump past the present 16GB, 64GB and 128GB storage options.

iOS 10

The iPhone 7 is likely to feature iOS 10 on board. This is an area where Apple may choose to alter naming conventions as it nears a milestone, but new software for the iPhone 7 is near sure.
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