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Why cell Phone are Important ?

“A man is known by the company of the phone he keeps.”
         - Junaid E Mustafa

It’s observed in the current lifestyles of the humans, the over usage of cell phones. The amount of importance that has been given to the cell phones has made it a necessity in everybody’s life.

Life without mobile phones nowadays is very difficult yet liveable, more like THAKUR from SHOLAY! (Everything is possible without mobile phones, but much easier with it.)

Cell phones have made it easy for us to communicate. Earlier it was difficult for people to stay connected, but the gap is now filled with the extremely helpful and easy features of cell phones. Although there were ways to stay connected earlier but the invention of cell phones has not just linked up the emotional gap but also the time gap of communicating. It still takes days to deliver a letter or to communicate through posts but it just takes few seconds to send and receive messages through these. Even though there has been technologies that can transfer messages easily and within seconds but it still is very tricky and not easily accessible.

It generally requires a lot of source and power to know the exact location and working of a person anytime. But cell phones are always available with the person to be reached and also help us connect and know about their current position and condition. Specially for parents who stay away from their kids and for businessmen who stay at other destinations and keep a check on the current workings of the office. It just takes a call to know everything. Even video calls nowadays can be of help. Like calls even video calls are easily accessible. People can check and see people whenever they feel like.

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