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The Best of CES 2016

Think over the time ,  the Internet of things is going to be much like a fablet elephant—that it will be much , much bigger than any of us can imagine it being today.

Many of us will surely agree to this as it is being strikingly oculated in this year’s grandest technological show CES ( Consumer Electronics Show). From Videocasette recorder to Digital audio radio , from compact disc to Blu-ray disc , from IP TV to 3 HDTV oodles of technological products have been debuted at CES since 1967.

Coming straight to this year’s  technological extravaganza there were plenty of Minnesota businesses showing off some pretty cool stuff. Now digging right into this year’s latest and grandest products at CES which saw proliferation in “IOT” as gargantuan amount of drones , health devices and products to make your homes even smarter were unveiled . Parrot and DJI showed off their new drones making high quality videos using 360fly cameras possible in places where humans cannot reach.

Samsung launched a portable SSD T3 with USB type-C having upto 2TB storage with a shock resistant metal case which offers AES 256 bit encryption isn’t it amazing…??.

Worried about eatables in your fridge ??

Don’t worry samsung’s fridge with a camera along with a giant touch screen will surely conciliate your thirst.  It will help you keep an eye on your food and watch closely as the lettuce goes bad. You can also set a due date for items so you can be reminded later on and replenish stocks by doing your shopping right off your new IoT- refrigerator.

How about a steering wheel which alerts you when you do something stupid, such as a text and grapple with a hamburger wrapper while driving …??Don’t swirl your minds as all such is not left for imagination thanks to Tristan Evarts who started  a Smart wheel Company to sell just that.

Technology hasn’t been untouched in any sector even hair loss. Hairmax , a digital device is used to provide laser treatment to thinning hair and bring it back. Zhor-Tech launched smart shoes wherein temperature of your shoe can be adjusted with an app and measure your steps more accurately than you could with a fitness tracker .At the trade show Acer launched new notebooks, a chromebase, monitors , a chromebook and a convertible laptop.

CES 2016 saw several Exhibitors like LG, Philips, Samsung, AMD, Ford, Xiaomi, Microsoft , Nvidia , Linksys , Acer and the list just does seem to end.

Everything will be revolutionized continually to make our lives better so it becomes our duty to use it for the purpose with which it is made to satisfy our needs rather than exploiting it  for the sake of our greed.

CES has always set benchmarks in technology and it will continue to do so by celebrating the brightest minds, fostering innovation and promoting prodigious gadgets.

Technology is like a knife , the same knife which is used for cutting vegetables can also be used for killing people . So its completely in your hands how you make its utilization and make it conducive towards building smarter lives .
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