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Netflix Comes to India ..What we can Expect ??

With having base in 130 countries, Netflix expanded its reach into 130 new countries, now reaching just about every nation on Earth. And that’s a big deal—not just for Netflix and its viewers, but for the Internet as a whole and movie lovers.


Netflix is the consodered as  world’s top video streaming service which allows users to watch content on screens ranging from a smartphones to a smart television. It aslo works with a variety of other devices like PlayStation and Apple TV, letting users stream directly onto larger screen. Netflix is also the creator of a lot of original, made for the web content, much of which is now in high-resolution Ultra HD such as House of Cards,Daredevil etc.

Services in India

Netflix India has pricing same as in US market and users will be able to pay as  Rs 500 to watch shows and movies on a single screen at one time. For Rs 650, they will get access to two simultaneous screens and four for Rs 800 — this also has UHD content. The first month is free for all users and they can pay using PayPal and credit card only at the moment. An initial fee of Rs 70 ($1) is charged during signup to authenticate the card.Netflix standard subscribers now pay $9.99 per month, not much more than the Rs 500 base price in India.

While you singnup you will be required to give your age and if 18 then there is not much of cencorship, while everything will be rated. However, while creating a profile Netflix lets you identify children so that they don’t get access to any adult content.

Most of us will have to upgrade our home Internet connection to watch Netflix. They will probably need a new router as well. Older wireless routers that providers gave out for free cannot process those faster Internet speeds.Ultimately, Netflix’s success in India will be tied to whether Indians watch on their primary, and often sole, computing device: their smartphones.Watching a movie or a TV show will eat about 1 gigabyte of data an hour, 30% more than the current monthly average for Indian users.
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