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Moto '16 Might Feature FingerPrint Scanner

After being significantly left out in the fingerprint scanner trend on mobile phones, Lenovo executive Chen Xudong finally reveals that Moto brands that will come out this year will all have the fingerprint scanner feature.

According to GSM Arena, the Lenovo executive also revealed several other innovations that the Moto brand plans to have this year. The company has also decided to let go of their devices that possesses screens smaller than five inches. It is also suggested that this year will mark Motorola's kickstart on high-end devices.
Considering how Motorola made its name in the tech world, it is quite surprising that it's quite the only known brand in the tech market that did not integrate the fingerprint feature last year. Apple, known to be the trendsetter on almost anything innovative in mobile phones, Samsung, HTC and other mobile brands followed suit on the said feature.

According to Digital Trends, one of the reasons why Motorola was unable to compete with the others is their inability to find the right supplier for their innovations. With the company treading on a big start, Xudong also announced the end of the Moto G and Moto E models.

He then said that this will mark Motorola's end on manufacturing mid-range phones. He also added that small screen devices are really not popular outside Europe. Years ago, Motorola kickstarted the concept of using a fingerprint scanner on mobile phones; since then, other brands capitalized on the idea until it was Motorola who's being left behind. This year marks the company's innovative restructuring that eventually lead them to adding the said feature.

With the company's vision of bringing high-end devices this year, the remaining mid-range devices of Motorola will bear Lenovo's Vibe moniker until such time they are phased out.

Xudong also revealed that Google will definitely be part of the innovation and that it will eventually enter "China" in no time. That being said, the Play Store will definitely see great competition among China's local apps. Once Motorola invests on this, people in the mainland will be able to enjoy services such as Google maps as well as Gmail services.

Motorola is up to a new and high beginning this year, are you looking forward to trying one of their latest devices? What is your experience using a Motorola device and will you be investing on another device again?
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