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Google: Blessing and Curse

“Google is my best friend and my worst enemy. It's fabulous for research, but then it becomes addictive. I'll have a character eating an orange and next thing I'm Googling types of oranges, I'm visiting chat rooms about oranges, I'm learning the history of the orange”. _ Liane moriarty
Best friend? Someone who is always there when we need them, who would listen to our problems and find solutions, someone with whom you can discuss all your matters or maybe someone without whom you cannot survive! Well in that case Google is or can be your best friend. With no trust issues or fights. Now a days Google is everyone’s best friend. You don’t feel right Google, a status which suits your situation and go on. 

You want somebody to listen and provide solutions speak to Google. Want the best time pass, Google.
This is what has been happening. The new generation has given a new definition to the term “BEST FRIENDS”. Well best friends aren’t somebody who would want you to degrade yourself by being dependent on them. A best friend is someone who would add their experience, if any to your decision and would let you decide.
Today’s generation uses Google like the older generation used their elders. The older generation looked for information and discussed with as many people as possible, that’s gathering information and using resources. But today’s generations seems to find a whole new world of information in the cyber world, with Google being their passport.
Like said in the movieDawat-e-ishq “bacha paida karne se bomb banana tak sab ki recipe di hai isme” shows how the young minds are working. 
         We hear cases of people who found “LOVE” through Google!!! Is love this simple nowadays? >>Just a click away<<! What about how compatible the person you found is for you? Or do you let Google decide, by using the compatibility tests? Weird but true. Love is blind, I agree. But is it dumb too? How can people be truly and madly in love with someone they have never met and some even die for the ones they have never met!!! Is it the Google effect? Or is it us who are making Google such an important part of our lives? This presents the downside of it.
       The younger generation cannot be fully blamed. The older generation plays as the partner in crime. As in when asked a question by their younger ones, they reply you are privileged with so many technologies can’t you go Google it up!!!  Parents to stay with the world forget to focus on their children and hence become such examples.
     Googling your problems or asking somebody to Google their problems isn’t the solution. Solution is when you make somebody understand their situation better. Instead of searching for things that can make your partner happy try spending some time with them searching for the answer. Nobody or nothing can tell you what exactly your partner wants or desires; only they can.
Then there is the issue of reliability. Like the new trend of studying online, has provided us with many opportunities but at the same time not everything you read online is true, and the knowledge that the books and the institutions provide are far more different and valid then that of what you may get online. 
“Books are man’s best friend” . Google has replaced books. Google justifies the change by providing them with different knowledge and sources. But also provides doubt of the information given to be true or valid. Books stand as child’s best friends. Bal Gangadhar Tilak had said that he would welcome books even in hell, because where there are book, heaven comes all by itself. Google has no match for books, which store knowledge of 5000 years as told in our epics. Francis Bacon has opined that some books are to be read, others to be chewed and rest are to be digested. Google doesn’t stand anywhere in this philosophy.
Google offers its own manufacture views, where as books depict the wisdom of writers such as Lamb, Addison, Sir Thomas Browne who requires rapt attention and ability to understand them viewing cannot replace Reading. Books would always remain Supreme. They are the living embodiments of wisdom where Google is not. 
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