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100 Million Users For Hike Messanger

India’s free messaging app Hike messenger has crossed the 100 million user mark in just three months after crossing 70 million users in October 2015.

Also, Hike is now logging a monthly messaging volume of 40 billion messages, having doubled on messaging in a span of 5 months (from 20 billion messages per month logged in August 2015). Users are spending over 120 minutes per week on Hike.

Apart from messaging, there’s a lot more one can do on Hike as it emerges a platform. For example, users are viewing 11.2 News stories on average per user per day; and since the launch of Hike Direct in October 2015, have transferred close to 10 million files totaling to more than 200 Terabytes of data till date without the internet.

“This huge user base is not only messaging and calling on Hike, but is reading News on Hike in Hindi and English, viewing live Cricket scores, getting inspired on Hike Daily, transferring huge files without internet on Hike Direct and so on. Hike is a platform and this fast growing user-base will now fuel our next growth phase,” said Says Kavin Bharti Mittal, CEO & Founder, Hike Messenger.

About, 90% of Hike users are under the age of 30 and 90% of them are based in India; and this is the mobile-first young-India that Hike is building for.

Hike has a localized strategy for the country and continues to reach this young user base that consumes enormous amounts of byte-sized information, craves social interactions, shares like never before and survives on many challenges such as poor connectivity and limited data.

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