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Huawei Manufacturing Google's Next High-End Android Tablet !!

There's a new rumor going around suggesting that Huawei has the highest chance of manufacturing the next Google tablet known as the third-generation Nexus 7. Even though the search and mobile software giant has yet to proclaim an OEM, it is said that the number one mobile maker in China is adamant about continuing its partnership with Google.

According to an unconfirmed tip on Weibo, with translation from G for Games, Google plans to update its tablet line-up in 2016.The Nexus 7 will allegedly be made by Huawei and that the project has already kicked off.

No further details have been revealed, but if the rumor turns out to be true, the tablet will be the second Huawei-manufactured Google Nexus device. This year's Nexus 6P is considered to be the OEM's most significant smartphone ever. That's because it has been sold and advertised by no less than Google. This introduced the Huawei brand to several markets in North America and Europe.

However, the Nexus 6P has been the constant subject of controversy as owners have continuously complained about the handset's fragility, as demonstrated in this YouTube video, and its allegedly poor microphone quality.

Disgruntled owners are reporting that the other person on the line could not hear them audibly. The problem happens during regular voice calls as well as VoIP calls. Some callers experience it only when loudspeaker is turned on while others in both loudspeaker and earpiece mode. The issue appears to be so widespread that participators on Reddit, Xda-Developers and Google Forums have experienced the same problem.

According to some owners, the problem could be due to handset's noise cancelation setup. Most of today's smartphones have multiple microphones that filter surrounding noise. Covering the rear microphone of the Nexus 6P solved the issue for some while others downplayed the idea saying that it only worsened the problem.

Huawei is surely aware of these issues. Although, only time can tell if Google is willing to give the OEM a second chance.

The first Nexus 7 tablet was manufactured by Asus and was released in July 2012. Due to its cost-efficient price, the tablet sold like hotcakes on the Google Store en route to becoming one of the best-selling Android-based tablets of all time. In 2013, Asus and Google outed a much-improved version of the Nexus 7, which had an updated OS and user interface while maintaining an affordable price.
Google has since abandoned the idea of budget-friendly Nexus devices. The Nexus 6P, for example, was advertised as a premium smartphone with an equally steep starting price of $500.

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