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Windows 10 for Enterprise: 3 new features

Microsoft announced the Windows 10 last year, a news that elated scores of Windows 8 users who finally had a better version of Windows to look forward to.

The Redmond-based tech giant incorporated a number of changes to the new version of Windows, including the new task view, Continuum, universal search, etc.

Windows 10 was launched in India on July 29, 2015 for consumers, and the November 10 update for the latest Microsoft desktop OS has added the enterprise features as well. The company has focussed on the security of business organizations amid the increasing number of threats with this update.

Here are a few key features of Windows 10 for Enterprises:

Windows Store for Business: It is a portal via which IT decision makers, purchasers and administrators can find, acquire, manage and distribute apps across their organization's Windows 10 devices. These apps include both Windows Store apps and a custom line of business apps.

Mobile Device Management: This is aimed at helping IT professionals manage company security policies and business applications. With this, concerned executives can use the Enterprise Mobility Management suite to manage the entire family of Windows devices, including PCs, tablets, phones and IOT. Users' privacy on their personal phones also doesn't get compromised.

Azure Active Directory Join: Users can keep one login and securely move their data across all Windows 10 devices because of this feature as it enables IT to maintain one single directory. It also enables any device to become enterprise-ready with a few simple clicks.
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