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Samsung Ativ Book 9 Spin Release Date & Specs

By just looking at it, you would think Samsung is starting a competition against Microsoft's Surface Book.

In a recent report from TechRadar, Samsung has finally broken their silence on the laptop line by introducing their own version, which is the Samsung Ativ Book 9 Spin. Looking at it, the latest device from the South Korean tech giant has a stunning design concept with an ultra thin profile. If this is their entry in hopes of toppling Microsoft's Surface Book and Surface Pro 4, they just might succeed in it.

The convertible laptop is said to have a 13.3-inch 3,200 x 1,800 screen display. Compared to Microsoft's Surface Book, the QHD+ resolution of the Samsung Ativ Book 9 Spin has a better resolution. It also has a lighter profile than that of the Surface Book.

Measuring its weight and dimension, the Samsung Spin weighs around 2.87 pounds with an amazing thinness of only 0.59 inches. Considering these measurements, you might worry about its battery specs. But fret not, as the Samsung Spin's battery can last up to 7.3 hours of continuous usage.

It might not have the detachable monitor feature as boasted by the Surface Book, but its subtle hinges show a nice concept of a convertible laptop. The Samsung Ativ Book 9 Spin is powered by an Intel Core i7 6500U processor with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD.

For those contemplating on buying one, expect to shed around $1,399 for the Samsung Ativ Book 9 Spin. If you wish for more choices like that of Microsoft's Surface line, Samsung is also working on the release of its Samsung Ativ Book 9 Pro, which has a bigger screen and resolution.

The Verge notes that the Ativ Book 9 Pro will sport a 15.5-inch touchscreen display with an Intel Core i7 processor. Not much differentiates the two, but their significant physical profiles set them apart.The two devices are also differnt in terms of weight and dimensions.

The Samsung Ativ Book 9 Pro boasts 8GB of RAM, 256GB of SSD with the processor running at 2.6GHz. The high-resolution screen of the Ativ Pro makes it battery work less in terms of hours compared to the Samsung Spin. It packs an expected battery life of 6.5 hours. The Samsung Ativ Book 9 Pro is expected to have a price tag of $1,599 when it hits the market.

Will Samsung's new venture be a threat on Microsoft's Surface line?

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