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Now delete sent Messages from both end of conversation using Viber 5.6.5

Viber 5.6.5 Lets You Delete Sent Messages From Both Ends Of A Conversation, Attach Files, And More. Viber is a free way to communicate with anyone else who has installed the app, which makes it easy to get sucked into a conversation and reveal information that you probably don't want floating around out there. Maybe you even go so far as to accidentally send the wrong message to the wrong person. No matter. The latest version of the Android app will let you remove a message from the devices of everyone in the conversation.

As for stuff you actually want to share, you can now send more of it. Tapping the plus icon when typing a message will provide the options to send a photo, video, doodle, location, contact, or file (pictured above). Here you can also hold down a button and leave a voice message.

What's New:
  • Attach files – Send messages with documents, presentations, archives and other files, directly via Viber
  • Delete sent messages – Remove a message from all members of the conversation even after it’s been sent
  • Easier sharing – Now it's even easier to share Viber with your friends from the 'More' screen

Viber 5.6.5 is rolling out now. You can grab it from the Play Store.

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