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Google Photos Update: Now Hide Faces of Certain Contacts

The app already has over 100 million users, which means it’s a huge hit among the users of Google products as it is only 5 months into its standalone role as a photo library. Google wants to make the users’ experiences with this app the best and keep them coming to the platform.

In the latest version of the app, it is now possible to avoid someone in a very easy way. However, this update is currently available for the Android users of the app alone, but the iOS users should be in line for the update in a few days’ time. As of now, this face detection feature is already working in the U.S.; however, the other regions that include Latin America, Asia, Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean will also be receiving this update in the coming days.

Update to Google Photos 1.8 for Android

If you use an Android device, ensure you have updated to the latest Google Photos 1.8. This is the version that will let you tap the Search button and see the magic of the new face detection feature. Photos will start to automatically organize themselves with respect to the image collection in your library.

The app will group photos of your best friends together with a thumbnail image representing an image folder that can also be labeled for easier and quicker access.

Well, if you have an ex you don’t want to see his/her face or maybe you have some embarrassing pictures that you want to hide from someone yet to don’t want to get rid of them, the new Google Photos update now lets you take care of this in an easy way. Under the People section, it is now possible to control the faces that show up. You can hide the faces that are displayed when scrolling through the People catalog while at the same time retain these images in your mobile and online collection. Furthermore, the affected persons will not be available via the “Rediscover this day” cards of the app.

Pinch to zoom with v1.8

Another major addition to the new Google Photos 1.8 is the ability zoom by pinching the search results. In addition, Google promises that this app will offer “spooky fast” improvements in performance as well as bug fixes.

As pointed out earlier, the update is only available for those using Android devices, however, those on iOS and the Web will see the update “very soon”.
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