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Whatsapp iOS update : Quick Reply and New Emojis

 The recently updated WhatsApp on the iPhone line keeps on developing its stance. Now, you can answer messages using a quick reply button.
According to a report from Phone Arena, the Quick Reply feature primarily allows a user to immediately respond to a message using the notification without actually going to the messaging app.

The Quick Reply, as implied by its name, is a faster approach to sending a reply to a message as it is instantly reflected on the notification center. The Quick Reply for WhatsApp has been the latest on the iPhone line, which has been upgraded to iOS 9.1.

Apple's previous iOS 9 update has allowed users to take advantage of the Quick Reply feature on third-party messaging apps including Facebook and Skype. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S Plus, on the other hand, may also find this new feature already available with support for 3D Touch. The 3D Touch integrates different types of touch: soft touch, regular touch and hard touch. All three have their own role in producing the type of action a user may want to explore and that the user should also know how to apply the pressure based on what they want to do with the phone.

What's even more interesting besides the Quick Reply for WhatsApp is the addition of 150 emojis. Take note that the Quick Reply feature has been primarily introduced on the iOS 8 that according to UberGizmo, it relentlessly gave users better approach to replying without bothering themselves to go to the messaging app to type a reply. After a year, it is even more surprising how WhatsApp only integrated the feature just now despite being a message-based app.

UberGizmo also reminds users that the WhatsApp Quick Reply feature for iPhones can only be downloaded if you have the iOS 9.1 version or any platform that runs on it. It is not available on iOS 9 or anything that is lower than that. In fact, the iOS 9.1 update, which was just recent launched, only had the WhatsApp Quick Reply feature as its standard bearer. The addition of the new emoji and Live Photos comes second on the list of upgrades included.

WhatsApp Update is currently on its beta mode and is hosted by a third-party app, which means that the WhatsApp 2.13.326 is not yet available on the Google store.
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