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Treat for PC Gamers from Microsoft's Surface Book, Check Details Here, Check Details Here

The Microsoft Surface Book has one more surprise for those who plan on purchasing one. According to CNET, the Surface Book also has Nvidia graphics card that is probably one of the best things PC gamers may find on the next-gen laptop. 

The presence of the said feature has given some of its users the idea that it may have also been designed to use as a gaming platform. One setback of the Nvidia graphics card is its installation on the keyboard part of the device, disabling it once the Surface Book's monitor is detached.

Although Microsoft and Nvidia shed some light on the said chip, neither of them disclosed what type of graphics hardware it really is. One thing is for sure, the chip is a specially designed graphic hardware, something that is not used on a regular basis and on other Microsoft devices.

the presence of the Nvidia graphics card is a sign that the Surface Book is also intended as a gaming platform, this can be backed up by the latest Alienware Alpha and Alienware Steam Machine. Both are equipped with the Nvidia GPU that was similar to the Nvidia GeForce 860M GPU. The said GPU can take on at least 1,920 x 1,080 pixels of full resolution gaming.

When Microsoft announced the Surface Book, they tagged it as the ultimate laptop, and, indeed, it took the market by storm, leaving the Macbook sitting on the shelves.

Now, the Surface Book, which highly recommended for the business world, seems to have also tagged along the world of gaming by integrating a feature essential to PC gamers.

A test done by PC World showed that the Surface Book is not twice as fast as the Macbook, but is, in fact, three times as fast as the Macbook. Despite Microsoft not disclosing its secret for creating an incredibly boosted laptop, somehow, it may have something to do with the GeForce chip that was used in the Surface Book.

The GPU installed under the keyboard of the Surface Book has been the game changer between the Surface Book and the Macbook.

Heading on to the real deal, PC World both tested the Surface Book and Macbook 13 by playing "Tomb Raider" from Steam. Ultimately, the Macbook flunked by running only on 24fps whereas the Surface Book showed an impressive 74fps. The Nvidia graphics card is not created for gaming alone, as it is also intended to cater apps that demand high-quality graphics.

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