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Slowest Growth in 6 Years For Smartphones

Smartphone sales are really slowing down and last quarter's growth should be the slowest in about six years, according to new analytics reports.

This past quarter could be the worst for smartphone sales since the 2009 recession, Tech Radar reports. A report from Strategy Analytics says that worldwide smartphone shipments grew just 10 percent since last year.


The third quarter of 2015 saw about 354 million smartphones being shipped. The low number can be pointed at more availability of smartphones in the U.S., Europe and China. It means that most people in these countries already have a smartphone.

Most people that have a smartphone already typically do not buy a new one every year and that could contribute to the slowing growth of sales.

Samsung finally received some good news when it saw its smartphone shipments grow by over six percent for the third quarter, which is the first time that Samsung has returned to positive growth for smartphone sales in over a year. For the year, Samsung shipped about 83.8 million smartphones compared to last year's number of 79.2 million.

Samsung can credit recent price cuts on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and mid-range devices for developing countries for their increased sales, Engadget reports.

Samsung is still controlling smartphone marketshare with 23.7 percent. For the third quarter of 2014, Samsung controlled 24.5 percent of the market.

Apple is controlling 13.6 percent of the smartphone market, an increase from the 12.2 percent of the market they controlled in the third quarter of 2014. Apple shipped 48 million units of smartphones this year, compared to 39.3 million last year.

Apple reported its earnings on Tuesday and investors were focused on learning how many iPhones the company sold in the past year. When it met analysts estimates for iPhone sales, the company also had excellent earnings per share and revenue reports.
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