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Should You watch Arrow before Flash?

You don't have to. The Flash, aside from a few crossover episodes can be enjoyed just by itself.

That said, I usually recommend to my friends to watch Arrow as well, and catch up on it as Flash progresses. The main arguments being that:
  1. Arrow is worth watching just by itself
  2. The crossover episodes often contain a lot of humor and inside jokes, so you will get a lot more out of the episodes by being caught up.
  3. They share a universe together, as well as a production team, which leads to many spill-overs between the shows. For example, certain villains start of in one, and end up in the other, or one of the teams provides tech support for the other in certain key plot developments.
Image source: Bolsamania

If you've read (some of) the comic books related to these characters, you'll also recognize that not just Arrow and the Flash share this universe, but Green Lantern is living nearby as well. All three cities have made an appearance in one of the shows already: Starling City (Arrow), Central City (Flash), and Coast City (Green Lantern).

One fun reference happens in an episode where Barry picks up pizza in Coast City, which might be a foreshadowing of an expansion of the current tv universe, possibly tying Green Lantern back into both shows. Additionally, in the comics, Berry (Flash) and Hal (Green Lantern) are best friends and work together at times.

So you see, it all intertwines with each other, and with a shared production team, I anticipate more crossover work, which makes watching Arrow definitely worth it.00);
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