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Reflexion, photo app for all Android devices By OnePlus

OnePlus came out of nowhere last year and made a pretty big impression with the OnePlus One. Whether the long-term impression was positive or negative depends largely on who you ask, but the company has certainly continued to ramp up its ambitions in 2015.

OnePlus App

So far OnePlus has launched the OnePlus 2, and is just starting to offer up its new OnePlus X. And now they are also getting into the app game with Reflexion, a new photography app that is extremely simple to use and basically is designed to capture two shots, one from the front cam and one from the rear, and stitch them together into a unique reflected pattern. As you’d expect, there is a social sharing option that makes it easy to share your “creations” with others.

I’ll be honest, this is kind of cool but feels like something that should be part of a full-fledged camera as an option – not a stand-alone app. That said, the OnePlus Reflexion app is still extremely interesting for two other reasons: first, it’s cross-platform, with both an iOS and Android version being released, no need to own the OPO, OP2, or OPX. The second reason, you can actually get it without an invite!

Okay, invite jokes aside, you can try out the app for yourself right from Google Play. You can also head over to OnePlus’ blog for the rest of the details.

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