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Quantico Season 1 Episode 3 : "Cover" Review

Before reading this review ,  you can watch this episode here :

I'm so done playing the "Can I trust Simon" game.
On Quantico Season 1 Episode 3, most of the hour was spent trying to figure out whether or not you could trust Simon. Basically, you changed your mind about fifty times. It got annoying real fast.
There's only so much flip flopping a person can take. At least one of the fake outs needed to be cut out. For instance Simon could have warned Alex that he was going to signal the alarm. At least now, hopefully, we know that we cannot trust Simon...probably. Sigh.
The bombshell that Simon got kicked out of Quantico was nicely done. Now, we have something to watch for in the Quantico scenes. But, there's a new wrinkle to this "fact" that we got.
Simon was called "Agent Asher" by Liam's boss. This suggests that getting kicked out of Quantico was all a rouse, most likely set up by the person who framed Alex. If I'm correct in that theory, this helps to show just how far someone has gone to frame Alex, and it suggests that it came from higher up in the FBI. It wasn't a NAT or analyst in training who did it, but someone who has probably been at the FBI awhile.
Alex: All this time and I still don't know who the real Simon Asher is.
Simon: Nobody is ever just one thing.
Considering the continued focus on Liam's involvement with Alex's father, Michael, it wouldn't be surprising if somehow the frame up is connected to Alex's father or if the story that Alex's dad was a decorated agent was a lie. We are only three episodes in, and if there is one thing I've learned, it's that absolutely nothing and no one is what they seem. 
What was the point of Alex's mom, Sita, being there? Sorry, but it seemed doubtful that Sita's statement would make any difference whatsoever. If you are one of the FBI agents who believes Alex is a cold blooded terrorist, why would her mom making an emotional appeal have an effect on Alex's actions?
With all these characters, there are bound to be some you just don't care about. Natalie is one of them. Sorry, sweetie, but I don't care about you at all. Okay, yes the reveal that she can't talk to her kid was sad, but it doesn't make me interested in her. Her feud with Nimah/Reyna wasn't interesting, either.
Then there's the drama with Miranda and her son. Yawn. While it was great that she tried to prevent Sita from making the same mistake she did with her son, there's zero excitement there for me. I don't care.
The only way I might start to care is if her son follows through on the indirect threat he made when he told his mom that he was getting released from prison. "I'll see you soon, Mom." Miranda, I hope you sleep with your gun.
Shelby: You reach a river in the forest. Do you cross it or g
Nimah: I would have checked the map first.
o around?
Caleb and Shelby are just strange. I never really shipped them, so all of their interactions are just strange and kinda awkward. Was I supposed to fall in love with them in Quantico Season 1 Episode 1? Did I miss that memo?
However, Shelby's friendship with Alex is one of my favorite parts of the show. It's great to see them open up and trust each other, even after being at each other's throats all day. It allows us to get to know both them better. Plus, in a highly competitive situation where everyone is only looking out for themselves, it's nice to know that some people are capable of making friends. It's a change up from the constant suspicion and doubt.
What did you think of "Cover"? Who do you think framed Alex? Leave me your thoughts and theories in a comment below.
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