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Quantico Season 1 Episode 2 Review

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Wow, you can't even trust adorable Simon.

On Quantico Season 1 Episode 2, we learned that everyone at Quantico seems to have some dirty little secret. Is there not one person who isn't hiding something huge? Maybe there's no such thing as a normal FBI Agent.
The guessing game is one of the most fun parts of the show. Just when you think you can safely rule someone out, Simon goes and has fake glasses. Is anyone else thinking that maybe his sexuality is a lie too? Simon definitely seems concerned about making sure people see him a particular way. 
But seriously, everyone is hiding something. It was pretty obvious that Nimah's twin secret wasn't going to mean she was evil or anything like that, but the fact that Miranda, Liam, and most likely the rest of the FBI were in on this little scheme was shocking. Miranda referred to Reyna as a super important experiment.

Now, I'm going to assume they are talking about developing some secret use for identical twins and rule out cloning, but who knows with this show. What do you think Miranda was talking about when she said experiment?
Caleb is back, but this time as an analyst. I loved him during the Quantico Season 1 Episode 1, but I wanted to punch him and his smugness in the face all during the training exercise. He was no longer adorable or likable. He was an ass. Bring me back the Caleb that I fell in love with. Also, what was with that social media account he was looking at? That was definitely his face, but the name on the account did not read "Caleb."
That being said, I think it's great that we are bringing in analysts. It gives us more people to distrust and maybe fall in love with (I'm looking at you, Elias). Plus, we are getting a more realistic image of how things work at the FBI. Caleb's presence highlighted the distinction between being an agent and being an analyst.

Take a good look at the people around you. Do you trust them?
Alright, here's something I just don't get. At Quantico, Alex showed off her ability to read a room, well rooms, of evidence and figure out that the whole exercise was misleading. But when Alex went back to her apartment after the bombing, she didn't even try to gather any clues. 
Alex's main agenda in going home was to get clothes and other supplies. She immediately grabbed one thing off her desk, but that was it. All the other clues she just stumbled upon as she was making her great escape.
This doesn't make any sense.
Yes, clothes and supplies are essential when living on the run, but there had to be less risky ways to get them rather than going back to her apartment, an active FBI crime scene. Shoplifting probably would have been less risky. 
Then there's the fact that Alex spent a good bit of time trying to figure out who went into her apartment after she left for the protective detail. She went so far as to track down a place with a security camera facing her front door. Alex was in investigative mode, and she even told Liam that she was going to go look for a needle, referencing the training exercise they did back at Quantico.
Alex should have spent more than five seconds glancing around at her apartment before going to grab clothes. While time was of the essence, she could have walked around the apartment once just to see if anything jumped out at her. It would have taken maybe a minute. There had to be something that the FBI would miss because they don't actually live in that apartment. Did this bother anyone else?
The teachers weren't as annoying this time around. They were a good source of information that we couldn't get anywhere else, such as the Liam loving Alex bombshell or the reveal about Nimah and Reyna being part of an experiment. For the most part, Liam and Miranda were interesting.

Miranda: Tell me Liam, when you look at her, what do you see: the recruit you fell in love with or the terrorist who rejected you?
This is because they helped provide clues to issues that mattered to us. Miranda and Liam in front of that prep school was just odd. It was supposed to make Miranda intriguing, but honestly all it did for me was make me question why I was wasting time on this. When you have a show that's so full of secrets and twists, you want to spend every second you can focusing on them. What are your thoughts on Liam and Miranda? Do you enjoy spending time with them?
What did you think of the episode? Is there anyone in particular that you think is up to no good? Leave me your thoughts and conspiracy theories in a comment below.
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