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Pepsi to launch Android Phone

PepsiCo Inc. said  on Monday that it plans to launch a line of mobile phones and accessories in China in the next few months.
The food and beverage company known for for chips and soda, is working with a licensing partner to sell Pepsi-branded Android handsets that has a 5.5-inch 1080p screen, 1.7GHz processor and 16GB of storage. The model is known as the Pepsi P1. It's expected to cost about $205.
It's currently not clear what the handsets will offer customers over the Pepsi logo on their phone, but we're likely to hear a lot more about the firm's intentions over the coming weeks.
However, the company "has no plans to get into the mobile phone manufacturing business," according to the company's spokesperson, who responded via email. The representative had not named the licensing partner or give any other information about the project, except that the device will only be available in China, which is considering the average specs and low price range of the said handset.
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