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Pebble launches its first round smartwatch, Time Round

Pebble's already launched a new smartwatch this year with the Pebble Time, but that's apparently not enough for the Palo Alto-based outfit as it's now giving us the Pebble Time Round.

With a focus on design, the Round claims the title of the world's thinnest and lightest smartwatch. It adds some much needed style and class to the firm's somewhat blocky, bulky image, while maintaining an always-on colour e-Ink display.

Those with smaller wrists will be pleased to hear the Pebble Time Round comes with two band size options - 14mm and 20mm - and three body finishes (black, silver and rose gold), while the watch itself is a svelte 7.5mm thick and feather light 28g. There does seem to be a sizable bezel round the screen though.

In comparison the smaller Apple Watch size is 10.5mm thick and tips the scales at 40g, the LG Watch Urbane is 10.9mm and 66.5g while the Moto 360 is a portly 11.4mm.

Pebble claims the Time Round will last up to two days on a single charge, and can regain a whole day of juice from just 15 minutes of charging. That's not as long as previous Pebble watches, but considering the dimensions the Round probably has a much smaller battery packed into its size zero frame.
The good news for fans is this time you don't have to wait for a crowd-funding campaign to end before Pebble starts shipping it wears. You can reserve yourself a Pebble Time Round today from the Pebble website, with prices starting at $249, £229.

As this is a Pebble watch it works with both iOS and Android, with an SDK available to devs to easily port their apps over to the Time Round's circular display.

For those based in the US the watch will be hitting wrists from early November, but for anyone in the UK or Europe there's a wait until 2016 before the Round makes the journey across the Atlantic.
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