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Limitless Season 1 Episode 4 : "Page 44" Review

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Guess even when Brian is on NZT, juggling
various cases and assignments can still be a difficult task.Things do seem to wind up working out for him, but it’s nice to see that not everything is a simple breeze right away.And Limitless Season 1 Episode 4 tried to throw a variety of tasks at Brian to deal with. However, not all of those wound up being interesting or that engaging.The Zhang case was just boring, and I found myself not even really caring whether Rebecca and Boyle even completed that job. Sure, there were supposed to be some parallels with Brian stealing the NZT files from Naz, but the case sort of just became background noise.And wow, how ridiculous was it that the password was just one word. No numbers or symbols? C'mon, she's supposed to be a special agent and "mercy" is the password?But I was glad that Mr. Sands was already taking Brian to task, and it's interesting to learn why Eddie would even want those files. Good for Mr. Sands at not falling for Brian’s trick files, he definitely can hold his own against even an NZT user.It also was good to see Mr. Sands bring up some personal consequences, from Brian’s father not getting better to Brian not getting his booster shot. Things could get very bad for Brian (you know, like death) if he doesn’t play along.But even he isn’t just rolling over and doing whatever Mr. Sands/Eddie wants exactly. Sure, he got the files and would be giving them over, but not before reading them. It was a smart move on his part to get some extra knowledge on what the FBI has on NZT.That revealed a brief tidbit of info on Rebecca’s father’s involvement with NZT. And it may have been a bit more than just him using.I guess it was positive that Rebecca also got a chance to be able to connect with her father through his art, but it will be interesting to learn more about his past and his probable connection to Eddie.The most engaging case had to be the one involving the mouse. That definitely had more of a personal connection to Brian because he knew Arthur, and that made it seem far more important to viewers. Plus, even Brian was spending his time focusing on that case instead of his other tasks.It tried to be a little more twisty than it needed to be going from stealing info to killing for inheritance money, but I enjoy getting to see Brian passionately solve a case that means something to him.The most enjoyable part of the hour had to be Brian sneaking his way into Claxion. From his reaction to the alarm going off to using the mice as a diversion to texting Rebecca while escaping through the laundry chute, it all made the moment more fun than super serious.Even the two of them digging through trash explaining how they solved the case to the true killer showed their solid rapport and ability to get things done as a team.Their relationship and working together, whether it’s just casual chatting or discussing a case, is growing on me.This was a fair episode, even if not all of it worked or was exciting. However, it's clear that when the show chooses to have a little fun, it truly stands out.
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